Passover Is Here (Almost) (also food allergies)

Forget the crocuses, forget March 21, … you know spring is here when the Passover food is on display.

Just to remind those of you with allergies/avoidances that it’s time to stock up on all that soy-free stuff, and gluten-free stuff, since the use of wheat is severely limited. And of course, the Coca-Cola (and other things) are made with real sugar, not corn sweeteners. Make sure the Coca-Cola is labeled “Kosher for Passover” or “KP”. Coca-Cola has in the past used yellow caps to distinguish these. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY PEPSI’S YELLOW CAPS!! These do not mean real sugar; they mean Pepsi is trying to fool you. :frowning:

(As always, you need to double-check the ingredients list. And there is little help for those allergic to tree nuts.)

I haven’t seen Costco’s Passover stock lately, but I highly recommend the Manhattan Chocolate Covered Raspberry Jelly Rings they have always carried.


Just wanted to boost this. Costco hasn’t had the jelly rings the last two years. :frowning:

Shoprite in Aberdeen (NJ) finally got its 5-pound packages of matzo, but so few (that I saw) that they would barely cover a minyan and its families. And it takes $75 minimum purchase for a free package, and it’s probably only one a year now. I actually bought matzo for the first time in decades! (I need two or three packages because I eat it year round.)


It is true. Even though it is called Coca-Cola Zero, it is not gluten-free. Last year I was having some issues with my stomach and most digestive issues, so I have made a food intolerance test

Some of these recipes look interesting

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