Passover Is Here (Almost) (also food allergies)

Forget the crocuses, forget March 21, … you know spring is here when the Passover food is on display.

Just to remind those of you with allergies/avoidances that it’s time to stock up on all that soy-free stuff, and gluten-free stuff, since the use of wheat is severely limited. And of course, the Coca-Cola (and other things) are made with real sugar, not corn sweeteners. Make sure the Coca-Cola is labeled “Kosher for Passover” or “KP”. Coca-Cola has in the past used yellow caps to distinguish these. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY PEPSI’S YELLOW CAPS!! These do not mean real sugar; they mean Pepsi is trying to fool you. :frowning:

(As always, you need to double-check the ingredients list. And there is little help for those allergic to tree nuts.)

I haven’t seen Costco’s Passover stock lately, but I highly recommend the Manhattan Chocolate Covered Raspberry Jelly Rings they have always carried.


Just wanted to boost this. Costco hasn’t had the jelly rings the last two years. :frowning:

Shoprite in Aberdeen (NJ) finally got its 5-pound packages of matzo, but so few (that I saw) that they would barely cover a minyan and its families. And it takes $75 minimum purchase for a free package, and it’s probably only one a year now. I actually bought matzo for the first time in decades! (I need two or three packages because I eat it year round.)


It is true. Even though it is called Coca-Cola Zero, it is not gluten-free. Last year I was having some issues with my stomach and most digestive issues, so I have made a food intolerance test

Some of these recipes look interesting

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Monday ,(02/20/23) the Aberdeen NJ ShopRite was removing all the Superbowl party supplies from their seasonal shelves, and large stacks of Goodman’s, Kedem, and other Passover products were waiting to be unpacked. I haven’t seen what their “free roasting chicken” threshold is, or the free matzo coupons–those usually show up three or four weeks before Passover.

And if you’re looking for soy-free, better check the ingredients and allergens lists: soy (along with corn), particularly in processed forms such as oil, is increasingly accepted as being kosher for Passover by the non-Orthodox.

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Waiting to see the boxes of Maxwell House Hagaddahs - yes, some supermarkets still have them -

Pro tip: kosher for Passover Coca-Cola (or any other kosher for Passover non-diet soda) is made with sugar, not corn syrup. In the days before Mexican coke was available, Coke purists would seek out kosher for Passover coke for that cane sugar taste.