Passionfruit overload

Yes yes sorry, it’s winter everywhere except here in S Florida, where a neighbor has huge yellow passionfruit falling off the vine each morning. They just leave it to rot so I pick up as many as I can. Right now I have over 20 of these delicious treats.

Can I freeze the pulp?

I have made passionfruit cheesecake and key lime pies replacing the passionfruit and they were too sweet and sour at the same time. Plus they felt like overload and hard to eat more than half a slice.

In the past I have soaked the fruit with rum and sugar and stored it in my fridge in mason jars. Delicious let me tell you. Actually I still have some from 2 years ago.

Anybody made passionfruit curd?

This is the winter crop, in summer there’s hundreds of the fruits.

Suggestions welcome for your favorite recipe. Or maybe I’ll just do another batch of rum and sugar.

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I’ve never made it, but I LOVE passionfruit curd and order it any time I see it on a menu. I’m a big fan of tart fruit in general (rhubarb and sour cherries are two other faves). It would probably make a nice base for a tangy BBQ or hot sauce as well. I have seen frozen passionfruit pulp in the grocery store so I’m sure you could easily freeze it at home.

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I lived in the West Indies for a few years and loved loved the passionfruit juice they sold in recycled liquor bottles. Passionfruit juice I have had in this country is too sweetened for me.

Send them over! It’s fairly expensive here! I’d love them for pastry projects. My beloved Pierre Hermé mogador macaron recipe asking for 10 passion fruits, only to make 72 tiny pastries…
If you made a lot, you can have them frozen.

This recipe is half the portion (36 macarons):

Passionfruit vinaigrette

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Yes, you can freeze the pulp or puree or whatever you make. If making a curd, I don’t use all passion fruit, try half lemon and half passion fruit or dilute the passion fruit with orange.

I made passion fruit curd in Maui last Feb. when a generous neighbor gifted me with about 2 dozen wild lilikoi! Made it in the microwave, very easy & so good. All I did was Google microwave curd recipes substituting lilikoi juice for lemon juice… Sinfully delicious!

Yes the pulp freezes well. I actually love to buy the frozen pulp to make passionfruit frozen margaritas in the summer with a good bit of lemon and lime juice as well

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True, freezing offers the flexibility for future uses, make use you make them into small ice cubes so they can be broken up easily.

Well I made a couple pounds of passionfruit curd from 2 dozen passionfruit. I did strain them first through a deep fryer basket to get rid of the pithy sacks.

OMG delicious. Thanks for the suggestion it is perfect. I’m going to take a jar to the neighbors. The fruit falls daily so there is no shortage for the next week or so.

Edit, took a 1lb jar over to the neighbor, it’s a nice way to meet them and they said help yourself to windfalls. Could be another curd making weekend next week!


Lucky you! I like passionfruit sorbet and spritzer (like a sparkling lemonade but with passionfruit.) The spritzer I just make to taste, the sorbet will require googling a recipe to get the right balance.

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