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If you could explain the business hours for O Bistro Francais in RB. The sign on the bldg says Brunch, Lunch and Dinner but the hours posted on the website are dinner only, closed Monday. I tried calling the restaurant and the person who answered the phone was confused by the question. Odd.

They recently opened a lunch/cafe side of the building which serves crepes, sandwiches, and French pizza, etc from 11am - 4 pm Tues - Sun.

The main dining room is open for dinner 5pm onwards Tues-Sunday and for a Sunday brunch menu.

Other relevant details is that it is BYOB and has a a three-course prix-fixe dinner for $37 on Sunday and Tuesday through Thursday.

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@goodparmesan, thank you. I just made a res. thru OT. Looking forward to giving the menu a try.


Excellent! Please report back, enjoy!!!

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Will do. Res. is end of month, post holiday.

We’re you there Monday night? I was there with my family celebrating my wife’s birthday.

Where are we at lately with this place? Daughters birthday is this weekend and we are weighing options. I’ve never been…

I continue to hear very good things (as recently as yesterday) from people I trust, although I haven’t been in a while.


I liked it a lot when it first opened but thought the food quality and service went down after a few years and stopped going. I finally gave it another try in July and thought it was back to the way it was when originally opened.


I see I never reported back. Our meal was okay, it was a specials menu so thats likely of no use. What I do recall is the feeling of being rushed through dinner service. While no one should bogart a table the idea that the table is needed is an overbooking issue not my problem.


Great line!
We’ve been fortunate to find a Mussel apps like that a few times here in metro Detroit.

Also been a while for me, but still one of my favorite places to grab a meal at the bar.


Thanks everyone. If popularity is an indicator our res choices were 5 or 9:30…so good for them. We will be dining late, like the pretty people.


We were just there last Wednesday. We always sit at the bar as tables, especially in the summer suffer due to them always being slammed.
My meal last week was good but suffered from having way to many cocktails before during and after dinner.


That could be the title of my biography.


Are those tables first come, first served? If we go for a before dinner drink or two and those tables open up would that be an option to sit there and not have to wait until 9:30?

You can try, but typically all tables are booked

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Thank you all, we had a wonderful meal at P&S on Saturday and look forward to returning.

We arrived early for our 9:30 res, and both bars were packed here so we went across the street and enjoyed cocktails at Costera. Mezerac, their play on a Sazerac, for me and the girlie, and my wife had Senora’s Sip which was “spritzy”… Aperol spritzy. Very nice, very well made drinks, not too crazy priced. I think those 3 cocktails and a michelada went $41ish.

On to P&S, we perused the menu prior and had decided on a multitude of small plates as our meal. We ordered those highlighted below, with the addition of a stone crab special. The stones were mediums at best but were by far the tastiest and most tender stone crabs I’ve had. And I grew up duringhigh school and college in FL.

Charcuterie was very good, the chicken liver mousse remarkable. Smooth and full of flavor, decadent layer of fat on top…if you really like liver taste, this was not the preparation for you however. Honestly we loved just about everything with the only misses, in our eyes and palates, the agnolotti and the Hunters hand pies. Not that they were bad, but just not up to the rest of the dishes. Also, we had to order fries so my wife could say “I never eat fries” as she continued to inhale the plate. :smiley: I’d say the standouts were the crab, the foie, and the tartare. We had a bottle of wine and a glass and we got out for sub 300. Which I thought was a bargain when weighed against the quality of the food. Service was great, a little exuberant, but the kid was nice.


Some from my daughter’s insta. Corny wife disguising courtesy of me…


Glad to hear you had a nice night Tom.

I may have missed it but do you recall what those claws ran? What kind of sauce did they serve them with? I love those things! I spend way too much on them when I’m in FL. I think last time I was at char they were asking 17 per claw lol…and yes I am serious!

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