Pascal and Sabine, Asbury Park NJ

Well here we go again, another restaurant I have read about a dozen times yet can’t find a thread dedicated to them.

Long story short, daddy daughter date night and she wanted to go to some place she had heard about knew the location but not the name. As we pulled up and I saw Pascal and Sabine I was pleased with her choice and said I’ve wanted to try it as well.

Arrived 6:15 on a Thursday night requesting a table for 2, no reservations, no problem. Immediately seated at a both / table combo towards the back wall of the restaurant. Delivered a bread basket with seasoned butter and water. (offered bottle or tap chose tap as always) Waiter came over took drink order and read us specials, 3 steaks which weren’t on the menu. (side note no Stoli vodka -1 brownie point from me, I "settled for kettle)

My daughter orders the charcuterie as an appetizer and I ordered the escargot. (escargot comes 6 or 12 to an order I ordered the dozen) Quick side note when I ordered the charcuterie the waiter asked ala’ carte or full, I responded full ($25 per menu) he then pointed out the meats on the full were mostly pate’ rather than cured meats, which I normally assume they are. With his guidance we narrowed down the selections to an ala carte’ order vs full. (+1 to server)

App’s were excellent especially the escargot. Prepared in an escargot plate vs. shell (my personal preference) the garlic, butter, shallot and parsley bath was delicious.

Appropriate time between courses our main entrees were served. Myself getting the 14oz wet aged strip steak, my daughter moules and frites. All I can and will say is WOW, just friggin WOW. The steak was served with frites/fries as was the mussels and the fries are fresh cut (@corvette_johnny) and salted and perfectly fried! I’m not a fries guy but if I were these would be the fries I’d eat all day everyday!

I’m not that familiar with wet aged steaks, most of my dining and personal experiences are with dry aged. The steak lacked the woody, oakish, moldy distinct dry aged undertones of dry aged, not to take away from this steak it was excellent but slightly different.

The mussels were served in a broth so delicious I would bath in it. The meal was served with a toasted piece of french bread on the side. I had to taste the broth so I broke off a piece of the bread, kudos for using fresh toasted bread vs. day old toasted bread. My daughter ate every mussels and raved about every bite.

Our water glasses never went beyond a 1/3 empty and the server was extremely efficient without being intrusive, an additional credit to him.

No desert and as we left I was pleased to see the place was mostly full. ( especially pleased that we were immediately seated and not given the “do you have reservations?” game while we wait 5 mins to see if they can accommodate us.

No review of mine would be complete without a criticism or two so here are mine. First criticism: I had to order “hotel butter” as a side for my steak (up charge $2.00), I requested bernaise but was advised they didn’t have it. Second criticism: no visible floor manager. While I’m not saying there was a floor manager needed, not at all, I would have enjoyed giving my kudos to a member of management on the spot.

This has now found itself top and center of my “Must Retun To Soon” list along with Blue Grotto, Jimmy’s and Raven and Peach. Yup I enjoyed it that much.


I’ve been quite a few times and have had positive experiences. I had a cog au vin that was absolutely amazing a couple of times.

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Terrific review, @NotJrvedivici ! On the off chance you don’t know, Pascal & Sabine is another restaurant brought to us by the fine folks at Smith – along with Brickwall, Porta, et al. They do get it in a way that many others around here don’t!!

Btw, I’ve had those fries and you are TOTALLY correct. :blush:

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Our favorite place in town, we went last night around 9 after a very long and boring meeting regarding the short term rentals here in AP. Def needed a drink afterwards.
Had the burger and fries, wife had the spicy tomato soup and a salad. That soup was fantastic as was the burger and fries.
I had a few Bees Knees for drinks which is my usual.

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@CurlzNJ I was not aware of that and honestly I’m glad I wasn’t because I’m not a big fan of Porta so I probably would have shied from going. (I know I know every one loves Porta shoot me!!! lol) Honestly regardless of my problems with Porta I cannot, CANNOT justify paying $10-$12-$14-$16 for a pie when I can buy a drink at Johnny Mac’s and get a hand made personal pie for FREE !!! (LOL I do crack myself up, I have like financial OCD on certain things. I"m the least frugal person when it comes to eating/dining out, yet I can’t, CAN NOT justify passing up the free pie in lieu of a Porta pie. And no, I’m not a grilled octopus guy so that is completely lost on me)

Anywho…just a FYI to all my NJ board friends, I’ve really come to realize we are doing our board / community a bit of a disservice in my opinion by not giving these restaurant their own threads. This week alone I’ve tried Sabor and now Pascal and Sabine, both I’ve read so much about, but neither had their own thread. My suggestion would be to post a review of places you have experienced and enjoyed even if it’s not that recent. It’s a shame that Sabor or Pascal doesn’t have the identities they deserve. Just my $ .02

@BossaNova I’ll tell you what, after being as impressed as I was with the broth from my daughters mussels I would really like to try the cog au vin because I"m reasonable sure it would be delicious!

@Roro1831 another thing I should have mentioned is I really appreciated the “vibe” of the place too. It’s definitely a good place to enjoy a few cocktails at the bar. It does seem to be a heavily leaning scotch/whiskey bar vs. vodka/martini but that is something I can deal with. lol

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But the more people that know about Sabor, the longer the steak lines get :grin:

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lol good point, I’ll take down my post now!!!

We have eaten at P&S server times. To be honest we didn’t think their value equation made the grade. No specific complaints - except it seemed a 5-star check for a good 4-star experience. As they say - YMMV.

5 Star vs. 4 Star is a close comparison and as you appropriately said YMMV. I will say the Dover Sole @ $65 did make me raise an eyebrow.

That’s one reason I wanted to mention it :grin: Also just to show that a restaurant group can have different personalities! I won’t debate a pizza from Porta (or Talula’s or Medusa) vs. what you’re getting at Johnny Mac’s as it’s total apples vs. oranges.

But I will back you up on having separate threads for different places; I know that on more than one occasion I’ve remembered reading something about a place, but when I search it doesn’t come up with its own thread because a full discussion took place on another one!

Correct it is, especially if Apples were free and Oranges were $16 a piece!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Nice review and reminder it’s time to get back. Wife and I always enjoy bar dining at P&S. Nice spacious bar to spread out and the bar staff are typically a pleasure to chat with. Next time, share the pot de crème for dessert. It’s simple, but oh so good.

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Totally forgot I took pics!! Lol

Happy you enjoyed P & S !
I enjoy your reviews and look forward to trying the places you recommend. Solid place for grown up food service and drinks.
Presently my "go to " place for special occasions.


That is a healthy look strip my friend! I don’t get into ap much but that place is on my radar.

Hey bay pointe inn is now open. Maybe give me a shout if you want to give one of their prime strips a try. I wanted to take dad tomorrow but they are booked up

One of my favorite restaurants…went Saturday night for an early dinner and place was absolutely packed by the time we left. Split the Moules main course as an app and had the steak frites (they give 3 choices hanger, strip, or ribeye). Wife had the hanger and it was fabulous. I had the strip and it was great as well.

Excellent cocktail list and split a blueberry galette with a calvados for dessert. Only knock I can give on this place is the price, but given the experiences (I think this is about the 10th time we’ve been there) I’ll wear it.

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Just got back here from a birthday dinner. French Onion soup, Hangar Steak frites, and creme brulee!
The FO soup was delectable with great broth, touch of sherry and plenty of gruyere cheese on the bowl.
Hangar Steak cooked perfectly, the sauce and fries were also excellent.
Creme Brulee custard was light, airy, of course loved the caramelized sugar, which almost had like a marshmallowy taste.


Happy Birthday! (?)

Glad you enjoyed P&S; it’s a good reminder that I need to get in there again. French isn’t what I normally go for, so I forget they’re right here! The one time I was in was part of a food photography tour and we got to take pictures AND sample all of the ‘models’ and everything was spot-on.


Yes my birthday, thanks! I rarely go for French, but love it. The cheese plates, the saucy moules or coq au vins!

I think I may prefer O Bistro Francais in Red Bank to P&S but it’s gotta be close.


Happy birthday!

Pascal and Sabine is one of the few higher end places around town that I enjoy.

Damn I didn’t know there’s a new french joint in Red Bank. On the surface it actually seems to look and feel like what a Bistro should be… on the other hand a hangar steak is 31 bucks?? :frowning:

Man I really need to get my ass back to France. Any HOs up for a road trip to Montreal?

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