[Paris] Who's on the Cusp

What starless restaurant, preferably in the 11th and surroundings you feel deserves a Michelin star.

Okay, I’ll take a bite out of this one. I ate at Le Servan for the first time a few weeks ago and thought it exceptional. Looking forward to going back.

On my list of places I want to try: Kubri (which gets a lot of love on H.O.) and Reyna. Also, the perennially mentioned Cafe Coin (I’ve never been) and also Jones Restaurant (I think the same team/chef as Cafe Coin) has piqued my interest.

Fulgarances is in the 11th…often appeals.

Don’t know, having followed you for years, if it’s really about “star” gazing your post? Or if you are looking for someplace close that might be new-ish and interesting. Anyway, this is my short list. Would be appreciative if you try any of them and report back! I know you would… :wink:

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Thanks. Its very much the latter. Just looking for something relatively undiscovered and interesting, before the tasting menu doubles in price and its harder to reserve. Whether its the Michelin kind is not so important.

In NYC I’ve experienced the before and after quite a few times, and in most if not all cases I much preferred them before they received their first star. Jeju Noodle Bar is a good example.

With that said, I am planning to mix it up a bit in Paris and pack my prettiest white shorts, and a shirt or two for some Michelin dining :slight_smile:

PS, one of the places I’m considering is Pianovins. Not exactly new, and maybe not polished enough for Michelin, but I like what I’m seeing and reading.
I already looked at some of the names you listed. I’m not sure what to make of Kubri. Some of the dishes and the place itself sounds a little too NYC to me. Jones seems a little too Italian leaning. and Le Servan is already a strong candidate. Will take a look at the rest

We really enjoyed Parcelles in the 3rd. Doesn’t have a star (or I don’t think so). We’ve been to Le Servan 3 or 4 times and I’m really regretting we didn’t fit it in this trip. I also loved Kubri.

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We stayed in the 11th during our trip last month (for which I’m behind doing my write-up here), but the restaurant we went to that is surely, deservedly on the cusp of a star is (Parn recommendation) Perception in the 9th. The food was fabulous, and the service at (or at minimum very close to) Michelin star status as well.

My wife loved the food at Kubri, and I liked the food at Parcelles, but I don’t think the food at either is at the same level, and even if others disagree on that point, the service is not at all star level.

Perception is “French by a Korean chef”, and imo well worth the trek from the 11th. We will for sure be going back when we return to Paris.

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Thanks Andy. The other day I was sitting with my wife at a park in Brooklyn reading this Perception Google review. So brilliant maybe ChatGPT generated

Lunch at Perception after a morning at Montmartre is already on the schedule thanks to you and Parm.

In the 11th, I’ll add Eunoé near the Square Gardette. A very relaxed Japanese-cheffed modern French resto that is amazing value for the excellent quality and has a great vibe. Too new to be on the tourist radar yet but there is a HungOn post —> Eunoé, Paris 11 by the Square Gardette

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@sfcarole has written about Pianovins, I believe (from last fall?). She says I think that you can check out the menu and decide based on that whether to go. It wafts in and out of my list.

My number one place, it’s not in the 11th, that I have been going to since a few weeks after it opened is Jeanne Aimée. I’ve loved pretty much every bite I’ve eaten there. Worth the travel, IMO.

We generally visit Pianovins (in the 12th) at least a couple of times when we’re in Paris, and I do check out the menu posted on their website each week. It’s a tasting menu so there are not a lot of choices, and one may not be in the mood for whatever they’re serving any particular week.

But in the 11th I’ll also throw out Korus on rue Amelot which is always a joy, food-wise and for the ambiance.


Thanks Carole. Appreciate all your reports. Ultimately I may need to choose dinners between Pianovins and Virtus, or both if the menus will look strong. Virtus has a new chef, but Michelin $$$$ so not quite sure about price/quality at the moment. Things will be clearer by October I’m sure.
Not that important but Pianovins seems like in the 11th if we go by Google.

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Oh, I believe you’re right, Ziggy, Pianovins is in the 11th - on the edge but indeed in the 11th.

My last dinner at Virtus was a real disappointment, although lunch a week or two before was fabulous. Go figure. Dinner was more crowded and the courses werent prepared with as much care. I’d love to hear from others that have had a different experience at Virtus. Another reason I enjoy lunch is the option of combining it with a visit to the nearby Marché Aligre.

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I was also going to mention Korus, but have only eaten there once! Still, I particularly loved the offerings of the pastry chef (the chef’s girlfriend, as I recall) whose playful sensibilities, both with the amuse bouches and the desserts really appealed to me! For example, at the end of all the complicated dishes in the long tasting menu, she served a bowl of plain grapes. And amazing grapes they were!!!


I went to Virtus for the dinner tasting menu this past fall, then we went back for lunch last month. I thought the lunch price was very fair (50E for 3 courses, 70E for 4), and liked the food and vibe very much, but we weren’t “wowed” in any way, which I had been at the admittedly more expensive tasting menu dinner.

Have not been to Pianovins and was intrigued by sfcarole’ s rec. I did walk past it one day at lunchtime, and in terms of decor and vibe it’s clearly not at Virtus level. But if choosing between those two only for a dinner, you will be paying a lot less at Pianovins.

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We ate at Pianovins last week and it was delicious. The menu had wonderful fresh ingredients that were perfect for the season and not too heavy given the weather. The owners are lovely and warm but respectful of personal conversation. We ate at Le Servan recently on a very hot night, in fact so hot that it was barely manageable and i like heat. The food was good, especially the boudin wontons. I thought that the oeuf dish was over-salted for my taste but still good. The staff were friendly and working hard in a less than ideal temperature. I would definitely recommend both restaurants although they have very different vibes. Pianovins is calmer and good for conversation. Le Servan is more lively and fun although I’d chose a night that isn’t as warm if possible.


My 2 cents on 2 places:
We’ve gone to Korus several times and will continue to go. We even went twice during a month long previous trip several years ago. However, our most recent dinner at Korus (last Oct, with Onzieme) seemed lack luster, although more than fine. When this happens in NYC, I allow it may be a “one off” and don’t draw hasty conclusions. However, when one is in town for only a short while, with limited meals to experience, your one night is the entire sample size and others’ experiences might be more heavily weighed. I’d love to hear opinions from the Paris residents if any of them have gone more regularly. And I’ll be sure to summarize what we experience next May, when we’re there again.

As for Fulgurances, we’ve experienced 2 very different meals (with different chefs) with different results. I think that we’re somewhat expert in their model, having gone to their Paris small plates/wine bar across the street & having eaten at their Brooklyn outpost (Laundromat, in Greenpoint) 6 or so times. Most of these meals are very good, with some great & others duds, and it is impossible to give a blanket recommendation because of this. However, we keep going – we’re going to Laundromat this Friday for the rotation by a former chef from Bianca (no, not Carlo) who’s currently there – because it is always fun and $89pp (+ wine, etc) is a very good deal regardless. And, since we’re staying only blocks away from Fulgurances in May, we’ll be there again as well.

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Laundromat, now there’s a Google unfriendly name in NYC. Maybe suggest “Le Laundromat” if not too late

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Actually, go to Fulgurances’ web site and chose Laundromat from their restaurant listings. Don’t bring your dirty clothes.

Does anyone know when Parcelles releases reservations?

It was loosely a month, back when I was looking for June, and not sure if that was 28 or 30 days (I think probably one or the other from my experience), but it looks like the reservation links are just dead at the moment. When you try, you get the error message that there isn’t anything available for 2 people for the next two months. It could be that they are booked for the rest of July, are taking their vacances in August, and have not opened September yet…

In any case, I have sent them a message asking if this is the case, and when they might open bookings for September. Will report back!

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