Eunoé, Paris 11 by the Square Gardette

Eunoé is new restaurant in my neighborhood that I’ve already been to three times because it is so good (it got a very good review from Emmanuel Rubin in Le Figaro, too, but I was there before him :grin:)
A Japanese chef and a very enthusiastic front-of-the-house person lead the team; lots of veggies, wine list is short but excellent selections and great prices (they buy direct from the producers, while most Paris restaurants go through distributors). Closest Métros are #3 (Parmentier, St-Maur) and #9 (St-Ambroise, Voltaire:); #5 (Oberkampf and Ménilmont) is also an easy walk. Don’t Miss!


Must hit it. I just got to Orgueil for the first time yesterday which is also very close to me.

To onz’s excellent recommendation, I should add that Eunoé’s price/ quality ratio is stunningly good. An almost miraculous bargain for the quality. A 21€ “formule” for lunch and under 50€ for a 3-course dinner. Wheeeee !!

When it first opened, I thought it would be just another earnest and expensive Japanese-cheffed restaurant French restaurant, but then I saw the prices and made a beeline for it. And the twists are not what I have come to expect from this genre of restaurant. Still very French but hints not only of Japan but also Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean.

I’ll also add the Square Gardette has in the 5 or 6 years become one of my favourite “hang out” neighbourhoods in the 11th. The variety and quality of the restos, brasseries, bars, etc is impressive and allows lots of possibilities for a people-watching before and after. But a slight warning: some may find the trendy/ hip vibe off-putting.

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Thanks for the recommendation. This is exactly the kind of thing I miss John Talbott for. It even looks like we could go with vegetarian friends.

Just one possible problem for picky eaters. Although frequently changing, the menu is VERY limited. The first time I was there, just a choice of one vegetarian and one protein main at lunch and 1 veggie and 2 protein at dinner. Second time there were one or two more choices for dinner but not sure if that was exceptional or now standard. If the main doesn’t fit in with your preferences, oops.

I’d say that the majority, even large majority, of restaurants where I eat these days offer a vegetarian choice.

How did you like Orgueil?

I thought it was good but still has some upside on the cuisine. The dishes are very good but what you see is what you get.

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I’ve now published my most recent meal at Eunoé.


And I’ve published my most recent meal there, last Saturday.

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Great reviews! Like you we loved Eunoe. Had we lived in Paris we would dine there at least once every few weeks! We did D

Thanks again for posting all of these reviews. Really feels very helpful to me!

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my photos from eunoe are here Dinners in Paris input needed please - #56 by beam