Paris - May 2022 Trip and Plans

Montmartre can be a nightmare of tourist hoards The Musee de Montmartre (12 Rue Cortot) offers a quiet moment and glimpse into the lives of several Montmartre artists.
PLUS its little Cafe Renoir is a secret haven for a light lunch. And you will not be rushed to leave. (closed M and T)

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Bijou at the 18th is good, but it’s a pizza place.

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Plus one for The Musee de Montmartre. Have a cocktail at the rooftop bar at the Terrass Hotel.
Cimetiere de Montmartre, if you’re into prowling around cemeteries.

Sorry for hitch-hiking on your post, PenelopeWitherspoon.
First off, looking at my planned September itinerary and yours, interesting how we have quite a few overlap venues! Hope you’ll provide a review of some of the places, specifically, Montee, Granite, Septime and Assiette Champenoise when you return?! Would help with my finalization immensely!
Thx in advance!

A generic question to our knowledgeable members:
Apart from the price and number of courses, for current Michelin star establishments like Montee, Granite and Septime. Are there any discernible differences in portion size and quality between their luncheon tasting menu and Dinner ones?
My timetable and schedule is extremely flexible. So, if there is, I can always reverse the lunch ones to dinner and vice-versa in order to achieve the best experience/result/value.

Bonne Aventure @ Saint-Ouen is a nice wine bar with interesting small dishes, simple dishes.
Just whipped this up quickly.

If you plan to just wander around Montmartre, you might consider using the free street tour company (they work for tips: 10euros or so): Or, you can spring for the 25euros and use: (see Wed morning listing for Montmartre). We’ve used both for various areas &, although its a group, its usually a couple of hours well spent and lays the basis for going back to wherever strikes your interest afterwards.

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I think if you want to go to Montmarte to visit, go very early morning, when the tourists are not yet there, the so called artists haven’t start working yet. It’s becoming infested with all types of sellers, and becoming worse year after year.

Once we visited Venice on 25th December, everywhere was closed, no tourists, the streets were all ours, it was snowing, so nice!

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Except for the contrived Parisien-less “Parisness” of the Place du Tertre and some other parts around Sacré-Coeur leading up from métro Anvers, the Butte Monmartre is excessively charming. Just a pity that most tourists never wander west of Abbesses (i.e. Avenue Junot, rue Lepic, rue Abbesses, etc) to experience it. And so many good restos, wine bars, boulangeries in sharp contrast to all those tourist traps around place du Tertre.

Euro is down to $1.0501 this AM. WOWZA.

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Wow. Great timing.

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Yesterday I signed up for a baking class at La Cuisine, and when I looked at the bank charge nearly fell over. Thought there had to be a mistake. Hope it holds; I arrive in Paris week after next.

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I leave on the 13th to head to Paris, and I am the same way. Hope this holds because it will make the shopping I am planning on doing just that much easier.

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In Paris. Traveling in via London was alright. Was exhausted when I arrived at my hotel around 4:30 yesterday, so I took a nap rather than getting my shopping done. Will accomplish some of that tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday AM.

Went to Montee last night. It is so good…still my favorite. Just so welcoming. I’ll do a full write-up soon. I’m trying to get motivated to get dressed so I can head to get coffee before hitting up the bird and flower market.


@ParnParis, I believe you recommended Pouliche. Excellent recommendation. Also, got her cookbook. So, so good. Will do a review asap.


Thanks for the confirmation of cheffe Amandine Chaignot’s excellence. She‘s probably my longest lasting cheffe crush and I’ve never been disappointed in any meal she’s had a hand in.

FYI, “pouliche” in polite French means filly and in more slangy spoken French is an equivalent of the American “babe". The restaurant is well named.


It was absolutely outstanding. To be fair, I’ve had a hell of a run here in Paris. Everything has been absolutely fantastic. I am at Mosuke now, in the down time between courses (was just poured a red wine), and I was reflecting how lucky I’ve been. Sometimes, there is a meal that didn’t live up to expectations. I’ve been absolutely pleased. I am going to take some down time tonight at the hotel to do some write ups since I have an early AM tomorrow.


I ended up cancelling Granite as after lunch at Le Grand, I was still full at dinner!

I just cannot do two tasting menus a day!

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Me too, not possible. A heavy lunch with tasting menu needs to be followed by a lighter or no dinner.

No consequence for cancelling? Many restaurants now charge for a last day cancellation.

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Not that I’m aware of. If there was, I’m ok with it. No way I could have done it.

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Hi Penelope, we will have lunch at montee. Would you say thats enough for the day or can we plan for a smaller dinner(entree/plat) the same evening?

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