[Saint-Ouen, Greater Paris] Bonne Aventure wine bar near the flea market

Visited Bonne Aventure during Covid, September 2020. We knew this place from the Fooding guide. Simple and good cooking, if you are looking for small dishes to accompany your glass of wine. Also an interesting collection of handcraft beer.

Beef tartare, mayonnaise

Escabeche mussels, zucchini, leeks

Tuna tataki, coriander salad, chioggia beets

Watermelon soup, labneh

Dashi with seaweed, tofu, ginger and coriander

Haddock accras, sauce chien (red gravy from Creole)

Panna Cotta, candied figs, fresh figs

Bonne Aventure
59 Rue des Rosiers
93400 Saint-Ouen

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Because we are true flea market mavins (or junkies), we hate to take time away from shopping for a long lunch. As noted here, “La petite salle à manger” (110 rue des Rosiers), is where market vendors call in for take out lunch and where we choose from a selection of cold cuts, quiche, foie gras plates, etc plus serviceable desserts and wines we then enjoy in their small dining room of maybe 8 tables.

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I think the wine bar is more after you finish your day and before you head back to Paris.

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1 warning, just. avoid. Ma Cocotte!

Indeed! I do recommend shopping the flea market with a clear head.

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