[Paris] Has anyone tried Jeanne-Aimée?

Thank you! So silly that I didn’t think of it right away. But it worked! Thanks.

Just a Jeanne-Aimèe update. Ate there Tuesday night. (Reminder: it’s also open Mondays.) It’s a revelation to me every time I go. I would say it keeps getting better and better, but I thought it was amazing when I first ate there a year ago. This was the menu from Tuesday:

I ate the oyster special, woodfire artichoke, crispy lobster, and grilled lamb chop. Drank glasses of wine they suggested, fantastic for me (and my guest). Too hard between all of the things we ate to figure out a bottle. The gougères had a cream with eel injected inside (not describing this well) that sounds weird and wasn’t, and a plate of variously treated bits of fish rounded out the amuse bouches.

Never had pig’s ears this way, and the combination with the incredible sea-kissed oyster and Camembert ice cream was just Wow. This was probably my favorite bite of the night, but it was all definitely edible. :wink: This one is a good example of why I love the restaurant, though. Chef puts combinations of tastes together that seem somewhat (very?) dubious and creates something sensational.

Picture of artichoke dish doesn’t do it justice. Again, flavor mix is what made the dish for me:

Lamb, what’s not to like about lamb? Less successful/interesting/necessary? pairing with the clams here, but the lamb absolutely delicious:

I didn’t get a picture of the lobster dish, but my friend said it was the best lobster she had ever eaten.


Were there any vegetarian options when you dined there? It looks like there is meat or fish in every dish.

True, there wasn’t much vegetarian the other night. My artichoke was, though not vegan, of course. My friend I took is pescatarian, and she eats chicken, so we were fine. Usually, lots more veggie options. Surprised, now that you pointed out!

I was last at Jeanne-Aimée 3-1/2 weeks ago, and indeed they seem to be upping their game, as do some others such as Parcelles.

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Loving these reviews. Thanks to all. Will reserve for dinner beginning of October. It’s great to find some new and interesting options we haven’t tried yet.

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I was there last night. The restaurant continues to evolve. At dinner now, there is only a single five-course tasting menue for 89€ (it was six courses for 89€ on the July 24 menu that is on the website); the change from allowing you to make your own meal apparently took place shortly after I was there last May. At lunch, apparently, you still have a choice between a menu and à la carte.

The food remains very good and a good example of contemporary French, although it may be too refined for those looking more in a traditional direction.

It’s a no choice menu now at dinner? No a la carte? (I was there in June and was still able to choose my courses.)

Maybe this is just for August? Did you ask? :sob:

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I did not ask specifically if it was for August, but when I mentioned that it was a different format from when I’d last been there in May, they said yes, that’s the new format.

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A year and a half ago, when last we were in Paris, we had to cancel out of our dinner at Jeanne Aimee twice, for various unavoidable reasons. We’re going (finally) tonight, so I looked for an old thread to bring up to the top for me to write on later. On line, the menu for dinner (they posted the one from 3 nights ago) is strictly a la carte, with several choices for entrees, only a couple for plats & then 2 more for larger format shared plats. I have no idea if this is what we’ll get tonite or whether there’ll be a fixed price or tasting menu option.

I believe that they are back to a (smaller) a la carte menu. I have stayed away during the tasting menu phase (so haven’t been in about a year now). Will be curious.

Ok, then, where to start. We had a fine meal, with well sourced and fresh fish/poultry/veggies. And the cooking was spot on and everything tasted above average. However, this is not a well organized operation. As I said above, the website had a menu from a couple of evenings ago that we assumed was as an example. Tonight’s menu, as expected, was totally different. However, when we were deciding what to order, the 2 shared dishes were listed on our menu as a poultry or a squid choice. So, we went with the a la carte menu and ordered mains of pigeon (her) and rouget (me). We liked both, although Ginny’s plat was a coherent whole while mine had components that made me wonder (more later). Then, the table next to us, who came in 15-20 minutes later, ordered a shared dish and out came pork (very nice looking pork) with the same accompaniments that were listed for the poultry dish. Whatever. Then, later on, when they re-presented us with the menu so we could order dessert, the poultry dish was gone and the shared dish was, in fact, the pork. And now, sitting here typing, I notice that the on line menu is tonite’s (a little late) & it also says “cochon”. Add to that, our wine by the glass. I had a nice chablis and, when I asked for a 2nd glass, they were out of it. She gave me some choices that were not on the by the glass wine list and I picked one that went just fine. But, you think that any of the above was mentioned or acknowledged at all by anyone? Nope. And we know that the poultry listing wasnt just a wrong menu given to us by mistake as we, at one point, were interested in sharing it as our main and the waitress even went over to the kitchen to make sure she knew how it would be prepared.
The entrees were few: 2 salads (a leek/goat cheese & a petits pois w/almonds & mint) & a veau tartare. Ginny went for the pea salad & I had the tartare. Both very good, although the egg on my tartare was a bit past runny. Still good. There were only 2 offerings on the (non-shared) mains menu. Ginny’s pigeon main had white asparagus & some cherries and, as I said above, it was very good and an interesting balance of flavors. My fish was a large fillet, cooked very little but enough, and fresh/tasty. It was accompanied by very good (grilled?) zucchini strips, very small halved tomatoes, some finely ground pistachios & 2 puddles of sauce. All were very tasty when eaten separately but I’ll be damned if I know how I was supposed to combine any of them. Dip the fish in one or the other sauce? Both? No indication from anyone and possibly no real answer to this riddle. But, as I said, all was tasty and the fish was very good.
Everyone working there was friendly & our waitress was an undergrad who just did a semester abroad in Paris and was staying for the next month, until the Olympics, then would go back to Rhode Island for the fall semester, after living the rest of the summer back home w/parents in…wait for it…. Park Slope, Brooklyn, where she grew up. That was fun, as we know most of the same places, since we live one neighborhood over.
The price point (160euros) made what we actually ate/drank very reasonable. If you like to guess what format you’ll be receiving, what on the menu is available or subbed out, then definitely go. If you like certainty, maybe think about it first.


Hmmm. Our dinner there last month, in early April, was much more orderly. Our objection was: The music being played was too loud and disruptive — to the point where we had trouble hearing each other. I’ve been wondering if that was typical, but our experience was enough to dissuade us from returning anytime soon. (We were in the back corner, with a nice view of the kitchen.)

Thanks for the report and happy anniversary! Even with à la carte and standard menu at dinner back, I think Jeanne-Aimée is a place where I prefer lunch to dinner (having had quite a few of both).

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Thanks, much appreciated. I think lunch may well be the way to go here, as the room seems to be one that would shine with the skylight. We were seated one over from the back corner seat, along the back wall, & also appreciated the view of the kitchen and room. No loud music, just background stuff. The front of the restaurant did not have any tables occupied from 8-10pm but the back part was full throughout. I hope I conveyed that the mishaps (more than I even listed) did not overshadow our appreciation for the food (well, except for my sauce(s) confusion). We eat out so often, both here and home in NYC, that we come across these situations periodically & have learned to accept them as “dinner with entertainment”.

I loved, loved, loved this restaurant when it first opened, and it has clearly hit some stumbling blocks well after it opened. Perhaps hit with inflationary pressure and could not make money with the original small plates choice menu. Still he is a talented chef. You are right and the room is beautiful in the daytime. Thanks for the write-up!

I do agree that the room, with lovely skylights, should be very enjoyable at lunchtime. And perhaps the music volume also would be lower than we experienced at lunch. I will clarify, we did enjoy the demographic vibe in the room (it was fun restaurant theater) as well as the cuisine.

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