[Paris] Has anyone tried Jeanne-Aimée?

Hi everyone, Canadians (almost as bad as Americans, I am sure) coming to Paris June 11-13. We have been reading about Jeanne-Aimée on Le Fooding and wonder if anyone has tried? We plan to arrive all jet-lagged and go for traditional meal - we are booked at Brasserie Dubillot in our neighborhood. Then, we plan to seek out the fantastic food and drink experiences - restaurants we cannot get in Toronto or Montreal. Can anyone recommend a tasting menu - I would love to go to Virtus or Granite - but they are not open on Sunday’s - that would be open on a Sunday? And on the Monday, we are booked in at Jeanne-Aimée.

These are my tastes, and it has over 20 years I was last in Paris, but I loved Brasserie Flo (pouring chocolate over profiteroles, yum!) and best meal ever for many years was at L’Orangerie. We love all food and are open to new experiences after we get our fill of foie grad and steak frites et tartare. These are still special to us. One of my friends wants to try the bresse chicken, and we plan to go to a Sunday morning market for picnic supplies.


For your Sunday tasting menu, Pierre Sang Oberkampf in the 11th. Excellent modern French cuisine with Korean influences sometimes verging on fusion. And, for the quality, a startling good value. Usually very interactive and a fun vibe. https://pierresang.com/in-oberkampf/

If no time to get to Marché Bastille (morning open air market on Sun + Thu), Rôtisserie Stévenot on rue de Petits Carreaux in the 2nd is excellent for takeout roast chicken (among other things). The chicken is not poulet de Bresse but from the also very good Landes. Probably easy walking distance for you. Closes at 3pm on Sunday, 8 pm on other days. https://www.rotisseriestevenot.fr/

Brasserie Flo is a pale and disappointing echo of what it used to be. For much better trad food near you, Aux Crus de Bourgogne on rue Bachaumont in the 2nd. The desserts are especially good. Open 7/7. http://www.auxcrusdebourgogne.com/

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Thank you so much, Parn. We reserved Pierre Sang for Sunday night. Looking forward to it! We are going ahead with Jeanne-Aimée on Le Fooding’s rec, even though it seems no one here has tried it yet. Will report back

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Finally had a dinner at Jeanne-Aimée and, wow, lefooding certainly got this one right. Fabulous star-worthy contemporary French cuisine. Unusual combo of ingredients held together by some of the best original plate-licking sauces ever. Quite a culinary adventure.

If you use your utensils in the clumsy American way, don’t! This sort of cuisine is best appreciated when you pile as many bits and pieces and sauce on the back of your fork as possible.


So glad you enjoyed Jeanne-Aimee. We are spending time in Paris on such awkward nights - Saturday to Monday - for catching best dining. So I have booked into several restos as my crowd decides which one appeals most.

Monday, I have confirmed reservations for Jeanne-Aimee, Pantagruel and Fulgurences L’Adresse, and we are on a waitlist for Frenchie. Which would be best? We are Canadians, so we pile all food on the back of our forks like Brits… and we love innovative flavor combos and new cuisine.

Saturday we have reservations at Le Chateaubriand, Brasserie Dubillot (across the street from Airbnb), La Poule au Pot, Pouliche, Brasserie Lipp, Bistrot Instinct - another Le Fooding fave).

Sunday we have reservations at Racines, Halles Aix Grains (nearby), Brach (looks pretty), Petrelle and Pierre Sang ( recommended by Parn).

You could be at risk of overdosing on tasting menus and trying to fit too many excellent meals into such a short stay. Switching gears is the best way to avoid food fatigue.

Frenchie, I haven’t been since pre-Covid, consider it good but, given how many other restos in Paris are as good or better, I’m in no hurry to return. Its reputation abroad as a “must” mystifies me. And you will be surrounded by mostly other North Americans.

For trad food, Brasserie Lipp is fine but is a has-been and is now mostly for tourists. Of course, its once considerable reputation persists in guide books, etc… but the regulars who made it such an institution many years ago have now migrated to, inter alia, Le Voltaire in the 7th. Le Poule au Pot is a better choice but after one expensive visit I probably won’t be returning. I much prefer Aux Crus de Bourgogne on rue Bachaumont (just a 600+ metre walk from your AirBnB) when I have a yen for trad, cheaper than Poule au Pot, less old farty clientele, better vibe, and better desserts.

Chateaubriand has a tasting menu only (I seem to remember but not sure so doublecheck). The style of surprise cuisine is very similar to that of Jeanne-Aimée (limited choice à la carte menu). If you have a tasting menu somewhere else on another day i.e. Pierre Sang on Sunday, I’d skip Le Chateaubriand. The same with the excellent Pantagruel… it depends on what else slides into your schedule. Too many tasting menus in such a short stay can ruin the enjoyment.

I like incongruity and so I really like the very trendy and stylish Brach hotel stuck in the rather hidebound 16th a lot… but only know the bar and fab rooftop, not the restaurant. I’m not sure if the trek would be worth it for you. BTW, if you want a rooftop bar, the Hotel National des Arts et Métiers has a very good one and just a 5-min walk from your apt.

Halle aux Grains, just one expense-account meal there. Not sure how representative my one experience was but I found the food excellent, the ambiance rather chilling and reverential. I’d skip it because a good meal in Paris should be not only about the food on the plate but also “la joie” and the vibe.

Pouliche, I can’t be impartial. I love it because I have a crush on its owner/ cheffe and am sure she can do no wrong. A la carte and so a good change from tasting menus. And just a 500-metre walk for you through the disorderly but vibrant Petite Turquie kebabs-galore quartier. You can even make a slight detour for a brief look-see at Brasserie Flo on the way for nostalgia’s sake.

Brasserie Dubillot, a keeper since it’s so near and a chance to recover from all the wow culinary experiences. Although the food won’t impress, it is honest and good quality brasserie fare. For me, the prime draw is the fun vibe and very parisian sense of joy.

A note about the neighbourhood. This stretch of the upper rue Saint Denis was one of the last bastions of streetwalkers in Paris and one of the very, very few neighbourhoods that my sisters (not exactly shrinking violets) considered a no-go zone for women because of the persistent pestering by “mecs chelous”/ shady types. But in the last 5 years, this quartier has been rapidly gentrified/ trendified and most of the prostitutes and mecs chelous have moved on to somewhere else. There are, however, still occasional echoes but easy enough to avoid and it’s certainly no longer a no-go zone for women. I only say this because lots of North Americans seem to get freaked out by the sight of a streetwalker.

And for your daily croissant, Bo&Mie on boulevard St-Martin @ rue St Martin and Boulangerie du Sentier on rue du Caire are very good and both in a 5-min walking radius from your apt. Boe&Mie also has coffee, seating and wi-fi in case you need it.

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We had dinner at Jeanne-Aimée in late April, just a few weeks after their opening. The food was exquisite and creative. Only 2 choices per course when we were there. Asparagus ice cream as an amuse Bouche was sublime. I had the pork with white asparagus, and my husband had the caramelized cod with the freshest of spring peas. My strawberry tart was overly tiny and my husband’s chocolate crumble took the prize. I won’t be surprised if they earn a Michelin star.

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I ran tonight to Jeanne-Aimee, and it was just as described. I am still a little giddy with excitement at the food I ate.

This was the first of three amuse bouches.

Tonight’s menu

I had the artichauts and the volaille, and the fraises for dessert.
Here’s a picture of the third amuse bouche. I could tell you that I don’t care for beets or anchovies, but the combination was extraordinary and delicious, really delicious!

And here’s a picture of the volaille. The pictures cannot really describe. I was solo, and they put me near the kitchen, so I was able to watch all the action. Always a treat to watch a French kitchen. This was a sublime meal in every way. Wines by the glass, sorry I didn’t take pics, but were very nice with the food.

I would never have found this restaurant without your question, and the responses. Merci mille fois!!! I will go back to this restaurant when I am back in September for sure!


That is one lovely looking meal!

I thought I posted a few days ago, but must not have hit Reply. So glad Jeanne-Aimee is a hit. We will be there in 7 days! Thanks to much help from Parn Paris, we are also going to Pierre Sang. We are greedy for tasting menus… ha!

I agreed with the Nouvel Obs article, the name of this new restaurant gives an impression that it serves classical dishes, (named after the chef’s grandmother) It’s a nice surprise to see such creative dishes. Very curious of the place, just made a reservation…

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Looking forward to your report!

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How did you get your reservation? I only see an instagram page with no links???thanks

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Their website.

OK, just checked, they are on vacation now, they just linked their website to instagram. Wait 2 weeks, I think they will be back from their holiday in the last week of August and will start taking reservation.

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It sounds fabulous! And it’s open Monday dinner! Do you have the website address perchance? Thx.

I verified my email. I used Google to reserve back in June. Try to call the restaurant, they have removed the reservation button from their Google profile. and they have removed their website online as well.

Well, I messaged them from the Instagram page that Google now says is their “website”, and they responded within 24 hours. Took a 2nd round trip to give them my email so they could send me a confirmation,

For those interested in booking, click the Message button on this page to make your request:

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Thanks Andy and everyone who responded. I have been to their instagram page but it doesn’t have a link to reserve…maybe when they return from holiday?
Will keep trying.

You have to log in to Instagram (I did via my Facebook account). Once you’re logged in, you should see a “Message” button to click near top immediately to the right of “jeanne.aimee.restaurant”.

Then I just sent them a message asking if I could reserve for a certain date and time. They replied in less than 24 hours and asked for my email address. Once I sent it, they sent a confirmation, so you might save a step if you include your email address with the first message you leave.

Hope that helps.