[Paris] E Dehillerin shopping

I would love to pick up a few packable items from the E Dehillerin kitchen supply store. Unfortunately, my time is limited. After perusing their website, the fish spatulas look good, one for me and one for a friend. Any other things you’d recommend? No heavy pots or pans, unfortunately.

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Best to just prowl the aisles.

But don’t overlook nearby A.Simon (48 , rue Montmartre) which offers a treasure trove of small and unusual kitchen and dining room items. (How about a tarte form in shape of map of France?)

And for great ingredients and prices (chocolate, tinned and jarred stuffs, salts, extracts, etc.) go around the corner to G. Detrou. 58, rue Tiquetonne


I was at Dehillerin a few weeks ago, and I love kitchen items… :slight_smile:

I didn’t buy anything though… Mostly because I already have too much stuff. I do believe they will ship heavy items to the USA for not that much money. Their copper pans are exceptional. Otherwise, I’m with pilgrim and would just suggest to browse and get anything that tickles your fancy.

It’s actually a nice area to walk around. The new Pinault museum is there, and also a square where locals congregate. It was here where we did a few appetisers and aperols, just around the corner from E. Dehillerin at Loup, where you can sit in the sun.

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Dehillerin carries a seemingly infinite number of small items, and in a wide range of prices. One that I load up on is the yellow plastic bowl scraper–these make a great token gift. I would just roam the “bin” area, and pick whatever strikes your fancy.

If you have time, I also recommend you visit Mora and A. Simon (on opposite sides of the street). A bonus there is the proximity of G. Detou, a fabulous purveyor of fine foodstuffs and dry goods.

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Great suggestions! I could spend the whole trip shopping.

I went there one time on my first trip to Paris with the wife of my husband’s colleague. The only thing I bought was a small blue and white enameled plaque that says “Chien Lunatique” which we’ve had mounted on the casing of our front door under the doorbell forever. Until you live with Australian Shepherds, you might not understand…


I kinda understand. We have Un Chat Lunatique in our home.

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You had other plans?

Maybe a few….

Don’t see many in the catalog, but we love their wooden utensils as reminders, esp. since they are stamped with their name… There was this one really thin, slightly curved, flat end spatula of really smooth wood we found on our first visit. I assume the selection varies since they are inexpensive and were in containers by the checkout when we were there. Friend visited recently and picked up another one for us!

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I have one of those bowl scrapers, and picture browsing in Dehillerin every time I use it!

Just look around and pick the odd stuff you like.

Personally, for practical reasons, I prefer A. Simon, they have 2 shops, one for pastry, the other for the rest, both shops are on the same street. (48-52 rue Montmartre) The atmosphere of E.Dehillerin is fascinating and has the charm like in old times, price is without tax. Personally I find it very slow and the wait is long when you need to ask for information. But go since, it’s one of the last shops still operate in this way.

There are a few other shops on the area Mora (13 Rue Montmartre), La Bovida Les Halles (36 Rue Montmartre), Déco Relief for baking (9 Rue Montorgueil) or maybe Du Bruit dans la Cuisine for more general stuff (93 Rue Rambuteau), similiar to department stores cooking sections (if you have time, department stores are all worth a look).

G. Detou (58 Rue Tiquetonne) is also the same “old” style as E.Dehillerin but it’s a grocery, useful if you look for a few food items to bring home. I also find some more difficult to find baking ingredients, like fondant blanc, glucose etc.


Gifted several years ago, not sure of the origin. The cat is gone but we kept the sign.


If you’re looking for Dehillerin branded items, you might want to consider in addition their apron and their small paring knives.

I second the suggestion to visit Mora and Simon which are both less than a 4/5mn walk away from Dehillerin. They offer a slightly different assortment and sometimes lower prices.

In any case, while at Dehillerin, make sure to visit the basement.

OMG, what a great sign!!!

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Thanks everyone for the shopping tips, I hope to go to more than one spot now!

Thanks Geepster, and welcome to the Paris community!

I definitely need this one for my house!

:smirk_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :smile_cat:

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If you’re a serious planner, pull up David Lebovitz’s comprehensive guide to culinary shopping in Paris.

To be honest. Many of the shops listed are expensive. Maybe cheaper for you due to the minus tax TVA. Good deals are mostly found online.