Paris and Biarritz summer

Thanks for @ParnParis and everyone else who gave me recommendations.

I’ll be documenting my food on this thread. Sorry in advance for bad pics!

Union boulangerie the jambon baguette was very good. The bread was phenomenal but maybe a little too crusty. The croissant was average. Seems that a lot of people come here for the sweet pastries.


Urfa durum

Their fresh made Kurdish flat bread with spit grilled meats is best level. Smoky meaty bites with no sauce needed to drown out the flavors. We had lamb and beef. Will probably be returning once or twice on the trip lol.

The lamachuan while good are not as good as the skewered sandwiches.

Not pictured we had le syrien mezze with labneh, hummus, and eggplant. Perfect small salads to pair with the urfa sandwiches on a hot day


Chasson aux pommes
Kougin aman

First amazing pastry bites of the trip. All were ultra buttery and flaky. Got them at bara near the nord train station near Montemarte


Aux Crus de Bourgogne this was a winner of a rec. Great vibe and right off a busy walk street. We stopped in on the way home from the palace gardens

Lyon salad and steak frites

Frisee, runny egg, zesty dressing and crispy lardons/croutons what a delicious unhealthy salad combination. I wish all salads were so tasty and unhealthy

Hangar steak with onions and frites. Great combo should’ve gotten the au poivre but the table next to me had this combo and I could not resist.


Had a picnic style meal from a couple of shops on rue de martyrs on the way home from sacre coure.

Maison Thielen Charcuterie - Traiteur
Fromagerie Quatrehomme Martyrs

Had a Brie and a goats cheese (not pictured). Both so creamy and rich yet mild. Went well with the red grapes we bought at the market.

The charcuterie at thielen was delightful. Specifically the pate en croute and the pate. We also got a spicy saucisson which was not pictured that may have been the best of the bunch deep fermented flavors with a hint of spice.

Le pain retrouve for some piping baguette and an amazing amadine croissant. I’ll probably end up eating one croissant a day while I’m here lol.


Forgot to attach my croissant


Just a suggestion to add Epoisses to your cheese list. My favourite summer cheese.


Thank you we’ve already left Paris but I will try to find it in Biarritz!

In a previous post, you mentioned perhaps trying Granite and Alliance. Did you get to either one?

I ended doing David toutain. Will report and post pics soon

In Biarritz you’ll find a large variety of cheeses, especially Basque cheeses, at 1001 Fromage (Maison Arostéguy at 8 Avenue Victor Hugo. A lovely gourmet shop.

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Les Halles de Biarritz (covered market… daily but winds up at about 2pm) just off rue Gambetta is also a great place for hunting for cheese (and every thing else related to food). 1001 Fromages also has a stand there. And lots of mini-restos, restos and deli-counters (with seating) in and around the Halles. Love it.

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I too love Les Halles! I forgot that 1001 Fromages has a stand there.
We also enjoy having oysters at Chez Jérôme.
So much great snacking here.

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Enfant rouge at marche enfant rouge.

So good wish we had more opportunity to sample more things but that night we were having dinner at David teoutain

David teoutain. Most of the food was highly enjoyable with some highlights pictured. For me overall the experience left something to be desired. One dish was a complete miss that being the kohlrabi super bitter and vegetal with nothing to really counterbalance.

Proteins were all very well done specifically the salmon. Desserts were amazing and some of the vegetable dishes were very good too.

Service was brusque and unhelpful. Explanation of the dishes was minimal and when the somm wasn’t pouring the wine there was no explanation except for reading the label. It’s probably because we don’t speak French but at the price point I expect a little more hospitality. I noticed they double charged us for the langoustine even though we ordered only one portion. The only person who was pleasant was the somm taking time to explain the wines and how the pairing was meant with the meal, but she didn’t always pour the wine. The best part was probably the pairing of the wine with the food some really delicious wines that complimented the food very well. Pacing of the dinner was also odd sometimes dishes came quickly sometimes there was a huge wait a lot of times the wine pairing was not poured until much after the dish was presented. We rushed out of there at just under 4 hours if we didn’t rush the end it probably would’ve been more like 4.5 hrs.

I’m glad we got to do one michelin dinner to taste what high level cooking is going on in France but I think that we don’t really enjoy these types of meals all that much. Maybe a once a year thing or once every two years. I think I would’ve much rather just ordered the whole menu at enfant rouge.


Boulangerie michalak

Signature pretzel croissant. Interesting and definitely glad I tried it. Doesn’t replace a croissant for me but once in awhile or as a sandwich bun this is great!

Francette - we ended up eating lunch near the Eiffel Tower and this meal was pretty damn good given the location and the clientele. Quality food reasonably priced. Nothing mind blowing but views of the seine and tower can’t be beat.


Willette- thanks @ParnParis for the rec!

An awesome dinner at willette. Bistro style food with a great hip vibe. Staff were friendly and welcoming and service was warm. This contrasted greatly with the dinner we had at David teoutain. For such an affordable price and a winning vibe why would I pay 7-10x more? Great wines on the menu too!

Highlights were the vegetable dishes, the pickles, and the saucisson and pate. Proteins were also top notch but just slightly under the heights of the aforementioned if we are ranking!


Cho cho

Another @ParnParis rec and another banger! Although probably enjoyed willette slightly more the food here was more inventive. However, taking a more inventive approach also comes with risk as sometimes dishes can be uneven. But you have to appreciate the effort and cho cho definitely has the chops to pull such dishes off.

Fun atmosphere with another great wine list. They lost our reservation but let us sit at the bar which was really nice of them.


Boulangerie alexine- there was a line and apparently they won a couple of croissant awards for the arrondissements.

Croissant and chausson aux pommes. This croissants texture was the best I had but I enjoyed the buttery flavor of bara’s croissant more.

Best chausson aux pommes but I only had two!


Ozlem- can’t even describe how good these kebabs were. So juicy and meaty with the right mix of spice. All made on fresh baked pita. Wowwww thank you le fooding for the recommendation!

Also apparently they get really busy so try to go early if you’re in the neighborhood. I ended up eating two and half.

The doner, the lamb, and the kofte were all so memorable can’t wait to go back and have more.


Les Halles in Biarritz is wonderful. Love the oyster stand in the corner!

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