[Paris 7e] Les Climats: restaurant, bar, winter garden, secret garden


(Xochitl Gonzalez) #1

We are heading to Paris in April and looked at the menu at Les Climates - will try! Thank you!

Fast food, a cut above (Paris)
Fast food, a cut above (Paris)

Go for lunch. The a la carte evening menu is much more expensive. The food was exquisite.


When dining in an expensive restaurant, we will try to go for lunch and then if we are 2, one will pick the lunch menu, another à la carte, and we share half of the plate with each other. Like this, we have a better idea of the restaurant.


That’s a good plan, but it was not necessary at Les Climats. There was a varied choice of lunch menus, and the ones we tried were excellent. I looked at the à la carte list, and–if I recall correctly–most of the starters were more expensive than the entire lunch menu. The restaurant showed the quality of its coooking at a reasonable price in the lunch menu. By ordering à la carte you get a greater choice, but not, I assume, a different level of cooking. I’d love to go back, but the problem is, there are so many places in Paris that I haven’t tried yet. Such a difficult life.

(Xochitl Gonzalez) #5

Thank you for the tip!


The lunch menu is indeed interesting. And the outdoor garden is only available at lunch time.

Where did you seat?


We were in a small, inside room.


With the red chairs, or next to the garden?


I’m afraid I don’t remember the color of the chairs, but I think it may have been next to the garden.