[Paris 7e] Les Climats: restaurant, bar, winter garden, secret garden

We are heading to Paris in April and looked at the menu at Les Climates - will try! Thank you!

Go for lunch. The a la carte evening menu is much more expensive. The food was exquisite.

When dining in an expensive restaurant, we will try to go for lunch and then if we are 2, one will pick the lunch menu, another à la carte, and we share half of the plate with each other. Like this, we have a better idea of the restaurant.

That’s a good plan, but it was not necessary at Les Climats. There was a varied choice of lunch menus, and the ones we tried were excellent. I looked at the à la carte list, and–if I recall correctly–most of the starters were more expensive than the entire lunch menu. The restaurant showed the quality of its coooking at a reasonable price in the lunch menu. By ordering à la carte you get a greater choice, but not, I assume, a different level of cooking. I’d love to go back, but the problem is, there are so many places in Paris that I haven’t tried yet. Such a difficult life.

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Thank you for the tip!

The lunch menu is indeed interesting. And the outdoor garden is only available at lunch time.

Where did you seat?

We were in a small, inside room.

With the red chairs, or next to the garden?

I’m afraid I don’t remember the color of the chairs, but I think it may have been next to the garden.

I had a nice lunch here. I didn’t get to sit in their garden room, but it was raining that day so I’m guessing it wasn’t open. The inside area where I sat was cozy with comfortable high back chairs. They have a set lunch menu for €45 which I had, the full tasting menu at €130, and also a la carte items which as @bcc mentioned above were quite expensive.

English Menu
You can pick from a couple of options each for entrée, plat, and dessert.

Bread and Butter

Amuse Bouche
A savory mousse, a mini croque monsieur, and a parmesan crisp. I liked the mini croque monsieur the most.

Banka Trout
Gravlax; kohlrabi, radish, marinated daikon turnip and gomasio, kohlrabi dressing with hazelnut oil

Largish chunks of a trout gravlax. The vinaigrette was poured on top at the table and was only slightly acidic. The kohlrabi, which I’m unfamiliar with, looked and tasted a bit like melon. Also had a few spoonfuls of trout roe. Very nice dish that had some Japanese influence I think.

Line-fished Pollack
Sealed with olive oil; garden peas velvety, Iberico di Bellota chorizo and Corsican grapefruit

The cod was cooked nicely - a little medium rare in the middle, on top of a pea purée. Topped at the table with a butter sauce that added a little richness. Saltiness and sourness from the hard chorizo cubes and grapefruit bits respectively.

Emperor’s Rhubarb
Variation: Roasted/Sorbet/Gel/Stewed

I was a little apprehensive of this dessert because I’m not the biggest rhubarb fan, but it was quite good. The roasted or stewed rhubarb in the middle was very tender.

Petits Fours
A ginger marshmallow and a small cake of some sort, both tasty.

Lot of nice delicate flavors in this lunch, though I’m guessing I might have had a totally different experience had I picked the heartier sounding egg en meurette and the veal liver as entrée and plat instead. They don’t have a wine pairing for the lunch menu but the sommelier recommended a couple of glasses. Service was excellent.


I’ve been a fan of Les Climats since shortly after its opening ten years ago.

This morning I received an email in the guise of New Year’s greetings announcing that the last meal at the current rue de Lille address will be next Friday, December 30.

The email also says somewhat cryptically: Nous avons décidé de déménager LES CLIMATS pour une nouvelle adresse parisienne, avec un projet adapté à notre époque et nos envies actuelles. (We have decided to move Les Climats to a new Paris address with a project adapted to our time and current interests). Stay tuned, I guess.


We have very fond memories of quite a few lunches and dinners here — most recently this past July, when we finally dined in the main room, rather than in the lovely atrium, which was occupied by a private party that night. Sorry to hear this is happening — but good luck to them, and we look forward to the next venue, if one materializes. In the meantime, it’s nice to see from their email notification that their other (and very different/ trad) restaurant, Chez Monsieur, will remain open in the interim.