[Paris, 2e] ACCENTS table bourse

I had lunch at Accents on a Saturday at the end of April. Accents is run by owner/pastry chef Ayumi Sugiyama and chef Romain Mahi.

The menu. They have a set 3 or 4 course menu for lunch (you pick from the items on the menu with the red dot before them) as well as a la carte options. The difference between the 3 and 4 course menus is the number of plats. I chose the 4 course menu. I only had to pick my dessert.

A savory macaron.

Risotto fumé / herbes/ vieux parmesan
A nice risotto topped with parmesan. Herbs were quite prominent, and I could mostly taste fresh parsley.

Cabillaud sauvage / asperge blanche / petit pois
Cod with white asparagus and peas. The cod was delicate and nicely cooked with a light sauce that let the fish shine through. Fresh tasting peas and asparagus.

Canette des Dombes / fèves / cafe
Duck with fava beans. The duck kind of reminded me of a really good Cantonese style roast duck, but gamier and rarer. The sprinkles of coffee on top added a slight bitterness. Nice ducky gravy.

Crème chocolat au lait / pamplemousse rose / sorbet hibiscus / sauce framboise-wasabi
Nice light dessert. Lots of different fruit flavors along with the chocolate ice cream and crunchy crumbles. The raspberry sauce on the bottom had a little bit of wasabi in it that gave it some kick.

Second dessert
An excellent slice of Japanese style sponge cake. Moist and light as air. It was served with a scoop of foamy carrot flavored sorbet.

The restaurant was pretty quiet that day at lunchtime, there was only one other occupied table. Service was excellent - I had a wine pairing and my waiter gave very detailed descriptions of the wines and where/how they were produced. I think he may also be the sommelier. A very enjoyable lunch.


It is in Bourse area, the Paris stock exchange market, so mostly business lunch Monday to Friday.

That black macaron looked interesting, do you remember the flavours?

Ah, makes sense that it would be quiet on a weekend then.

According to my notes it was a “smoked” macaron with a goat cheese flavored filling.

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