[Paris 17e] Pizzeria Sette (branch closed)

Sette has several addresses in Paris. The one we went often was in the 17th district. What we liked was the good price quality. The dough distinguished itself from others by the grainy texture, by dusting with semolina.

The menu

Cocktail list

Drink list

La Tonno - Tuna pizza with cherry tomatoes, olives, onions, basil and arugula 9.9€
A pleasant surprise that they were using slices of fresh tuna, quite generous in portion for the price.

l’Angelo e Demoni - Angel and demon with tomato, buffalo mozzarella AOP, Nduja, spianata, poivron, onion, basil and burrata - 13,90 € Very good

I had a Negroni and we shared a bottle of Lambrusco

The oven

Sette Brochant
45 Rue Brochant,
75017 Paris


A few weeks later, another meal @ Sette Brochant.

La cavaliere affumicata - smoked bufala, scamorza, mushrooms, pancetta affumicata, cacio cavallo - 13,9€

La Corleone - Fior di latte, gorgonzola, ricotta salata, speck, onion confit - 12,50€

Loved both pizzas.

If not at peak hours, usually no queues but a lot of people waiting for take away.


Note that this address has changed owner, it is still a pizzeria, but the name of restaurant is now Sonata. We ate once as take away, obviously the dough changed, the price point was still good. (I don’t review take away food, I never have the same experience as having them in a restaurant.)

Sette has 2 other branches now in Paris, the original one in 10e and another in 11e, a future one in Marais, check out the address here:
or a review of the restaurant at Faubourg Saint-Denis of the 10e: