[Paris 14] How to book at Mosuke?

Hoping someone can tell me how to get a reservation at Mosuke. I had my friend in Paris ask by both email and phone but they were only told that you can reserve online, given no indication of when reservations for a particular date will open up. I’m looking for the end of September or early October. Has anyone had success reserving and how did you do it? Thanks so much for any help.

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From their online reservations form: “For the selected number of guests, there is no availability within the next 2 months” I would deduce they accept reservations up to 2 months in advance, and you should try to book your table starting in late July.

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I saw that, but clearly you can’t just put in a date exactly 2 months from today and find availability. It appears they open a certain block of dates on a specific day, but they don’t seem to want to tell what the next one will be. Wouldn’t it be simple for them to state, for example, "Bookings for the month of September will be accepted beginning XX/XX?

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The concierge at my hotel was able to get me a table (write up will come later this week or over the weekend). I really, really enjoyed it.

idk, keep trying? How many in your party? Kinda looks they don’t take reservations for 1-2 people - pick a date and change the party size, oddly the larger the party the more options that seem open?

If you are a party of 2, you could book for 3 and -oopsie!- the 3rd person had to cancel last minute :wink:

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I was able to get a reservation for a table for 1 (through my hotel concierge), and there were plenty of 2 tops when I was there on March 18. Probably more demand for 2 tops.

for sure

and restaurants don’t always offer all of their tables via online reservations, keeping a few available to concierge friends and last-minute VIPs

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Thanks to both of you for these helpful replies. Unfortunately we will not be staying in a hotel so no concierge to do it. I hadn’t changed the number of people (we would be 4) not realizing that it would make a difference. I will keep trying as we get nearer to 2 months out.

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Checking the website again and playing with the number of people, it looks like on the first of June they opened booking through the end of August. So I will try July 1 for the end of September, and hope it works, otherwise on August 1 for dates in October. That they still had any availabilities for a party of 4 in June and August is encouraging.

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I had the right idea but but it doesn’t seem to happen on the first of the month. This is the translation of what is on their website:

“We would like to thank you for your interest in our restaurant.
For information, you can find all the availability on our website until the end of July. August reservations will open in May, and we will communicate on Instagram.”

So if August reservations opened “in May” the question is on what day of May, as we are in June but September reservations don’t seem to be available yet. The mystery remains.

Reservation made online for 2. I reserved December 2019 for February 2020, with Covid they called me often to push the date due to restaurant Covid quarantine. Note that a 2-month or 3-month wait is normal. Check everyday to see if there is cancellation or new slots opening. This is a place that the locals fight to get in.

Note that many restaurants close between end of July to late August in Paris for the summer break.

Is it really THAT GOOD? What makes it so special and popular?!
I just tried booking 2, 3 or 4 guests per table, from today till 31st July…NOTHING AVAILABLE!!

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Mosuke is very good, but it has also somehow become the current object of desire for the FOMO crowd. (FOMO = fear of missing out). I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s deliberate, but the reservation process/ hassle certainly helps to keep the FOMO fervour going. I’ve never heard of anyone getting a rezzie on the first try… instead, they are put on a waiting list and then, days or weeks later, are finally informed that they have secured a table. I should add that my meal there was during the pre-FOMO first few weeks of its opening and at the invitation of a friend so have no direct experience in getting reservations.

For a table in September, the usual summer closures in August can complicate things. I dunno about Mosuke but I have encountered restaurants whose online reservations just refuse to work properly when there is no staff there to tend them and they start from scratch when the restaurant re-opens after the summer hols.

For a resto like Mosuke, it’s a brutal seller’s market. They can do whatever they want without any dire consequences. The FOMO crowd is desperate to get in at all costs. But, IMHO, it’s not an “unmissable” (no restos in Paris are) and so I advise you to turn your attention to Granite, Jeanne-Aimée, Pantagruel, etc or any of the dozens of other restos which are just as good or better.


Wow! What a helpful breakdown and advise! Thank you!
Always a pleasure reading your feedback!

Thanks to all who responded. I checked occasionally and simply got lucky last week. Reserved for lunch for 4 on Friday, September 30. I’m excited and hope it lives up to the hype.


Can you tell us about what you ate? I managed to get a lunch reservation at the end of September.

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Yep. I am actually still writing all about my trip. My day job got in the way, but I will keep working on it as I am traveling starting Sunday, so I need to get it all posted!

Following up. Our lunch on 9/30 was superb. We went with our friends Ana and Bertrand, who we were visiting. I’m so glad I was able to snag the reservation. I can see why it’s so difficult. The food was all so interesting and there was a lot of it, really unique and very good value.

The appetizer we all had was a pepper soup with squid, mussels and okra. For the main course, Bertrand and I had maigre (croaker in English) and Stanley and Ana had chicken prepared two ways, roasted with teriyaki sauce and fried Japanese style. For dessert, Ana and I had chocolate ganache, which actually turned out to be three different parts, while Stanley and Bertrand had a plum dessert with a granite. It’s very difficult to describe the dishes as they are so complex, but suffice to say they were delicious, and very nicely spiced unlike typical French cooking.

We had a very nice wine from the Cotes Catalanes. The bill including coffees was just over 300 euros which was amazing for the quality and quantity as well as the atmosphere and service.

Full reports on Paris restaurants and sightseeing are on my blog:

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Sounds amazing. Real life got in the way. I am just now writing about my experience. Trying to get it all up before I leave for Egypt on the 2nd.

Curious, anyone had luck with reserving lately at Mosuke ? Does open spots ever appear or is it just for a split second once a year or so ? :slight_smile: