Pans in action photo gallery

#1. Braised short ribs and steamed potatoes tossed in butter and parsley.


I see you’ve done with your wall outlet what I’ve done with mine😂. Excellent copper!

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Weird coincidence… I could replicate your pic, as I have some short ribs sitting in the fridge and can take down my pomme vapeur (though was thinking mash). Do you have a favorite recipe?

I like my short ribs very simple. Flour them and brown them in butter and peanut oil. Set them aside to cook the strips of carrot and semicircles of onion a bit, add a little minced garlic and before it burns, deglaze with red wine. Add thyme, black pepper, and a bay leaf. Add braising liquid of beef or browned vegetable broth, red wine, and a bit of tomato paste. After about three hours make a butter and Wondra flour roux to tighten it. Toss the steamed potatoes in butter. Top everything with minced parsley. Polenta is also excellent with ribs. For mashed I am hooked on boiling in salted water, pushing the potatoes through a tamis, and stirring in Mexican crema agria.

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