Pancake Mix

Looking for a good buttermilk pancake mix. I don’t want to make from scratch. I used to like Bisquick but they must have changed the ingredients. It’s now very bland to me. Same with FKA Aunt Jemima, no buttermilk flavor. Anyone try King Arthur? I’d have to order that online. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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Sorry I cannot help, but this scratch recipe is almost as easy as most mixes.

Mix one cup of flour, a pinch of salt, half a teaspoon of baking powder, an egg, and buttermilk (+/- one cup) to desired thickness. Optional, add two tbsp. of sugar and/or a splash of vanilla).


I don’t use pancake mixes, but if needed to I’d probably go with Bob’s Red Mill as I have been quite satisfied with all of their ingredients.

I use Krusteaz because that’s what Costco sells. I am hardly a pancake connoisseur, but Krusteaz has always been acceptable to me, possibly because it’s what I grew up eating. I don’t think I have ever had pancakes made from scratch, come to think of it.


My MIL really likes Krusteaz, but to me it’s like eating cake- way too sweet. I bought some King Arthur mix, and was really disappointed. Very bland. Next time I use it I’ll add buttermilk powder and some sugar or other sweetener. KA ingredients, for me, have otherwise all been top notch.

back in the 1970’s . . . Consumer Reports did a biggie pancake excursion, and at that time the ‘panel(s)’ preferred the super simple home made mix over anything ‘prepared’ on the shelf.

it’s nothing but flour, milk, egg, sugar, salt, baking powder.
that’s it -

using a scale, I can “make” a pancake mix as quickly as dumping some stuff out of a box.
so I do have queries about ‘don’t want to make from scratch’ - but, given that prerequisite, one could easily make up a batch of “dry mix” - adjusted to one’s taste.
‘buttermilk powder’ exists, have it, use it for various things.
powdered milk exists.
tweaking the amounts of sugar/etc one can “Perfect” a mix to one’s own heart -
essentially a private / personal version of “add water and mix.”

one caution: since the homemade dry mix will not have all those long name, unpronounceable chemical additives for stability, preservation and shelf life . . . making batches calculated to last more than years , , , probably not the best approach.


Do you have anywhere to purchase Stonewall Kitchen products? They’re buttermilk pancake & waffle mix is pretty good.

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Great topic!

Husband loves pancakes and I don’t, so I have tried to sort this. When comparing the store bought and home made mixes, the role of eggs and butter or other fat as you are cooking seems to make a difference.

The store bought mixes that require the addition of eggs and oil seem much better.

I’d be interested in a mix I can make at home that I can store without refrigeration , and without having someone add eggs and shortening before cooking. I want to be able to leave everything out the night before, and only have to add one liquid to finish the batter before cooking.

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Stella Parks (aka Bravetart) has a recipe on Serious Eats for a shelf-stable pancake mix. I haven’t tried it but I have made her shelf-stable muffin mix (“Top Shelf Muffin Mix”) which also contains coconut oil and it is great. She even has a brownie mix in the same idea.


Thank you. I can always put the milk and egg together in a bottle the night before.

I guess I just don’t appreciate pancakes, although I think I might like those with cornmeal.

Kodiak Cakes mix is great. Just add water.


I don’t know if you know Bravetart but her baking book has MANY variations for each of her recipes. I highly recommend the book.


I’ve tried Bob’s. It’s the best so far.



I don’t make pancakes often enough anymore to bother, but when I did for the kids, I kept a batch of homemade dry mixture in Tupperware and then all you need to do is add fluids. Takes a bit of calculation but a sticker on the Tupperware indicating ratio of dry to liquid does the trick. I got the notion originally from an early Alton-Brown show.

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Central Milling 6 grain mix. I usually use buttermilk to make it and leave it rest for 30-60mins if I have time. It still tastes great if you dont. Has way more flavor than bisquick krusteaz or kodiak. Stonewall is ok but Central has more robust and flavorful taste.


I find that the regular and buttermilk mixes taste about the same.
If you don’t want to keep fresh buttermilk on hand, Saco makes a good dried one that I often use in baking. Maybe a spoonful or two in your mix would help the flavor.

I buy Bob’s oats. Good stuff. I’m goin’ with the “old man’s” recipe. I rarely eat pancakes; but when I do, I prefer thinner of thick and NEED real maple syrup and real butter.

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If you ever want to change it up, Trader Joe’s has a mix for pancake or waffle that is Ube flavored, and with a mochi texture. I tried and loved it.