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Anything new opening in PBC? What’s closed?

I’m most looking forward to the opening of Grato in West Palm Beach.

It’s an Italian concept, not too fancy, from Buccan’s Clay Conley. He researched food for over a year, and this has been a long time coming. Due to open literally any day now, I think they are mock service this weekend, so first public dates early in the New Year.

I’ve seen publicity shots of some of the food and it looks great:

And I’m a huge fan of Buccan so this should be fun.

Chef Clay also installed a pizza over with the goal of making the best pies in South Florida, I’m eager to see what he’s come up with.

BTW if you know any In The Biz folks looking for a job, Grato is hiring…

Get them a job and then you’ll have a friend in the house :smile:

This board obviously doesn’t get the action that my home board (NJ) does, but since I’m down here and had some WONDERFUL food last night, I thought I’d post… Get thee to Hutton in the Northwood area of W. Palm Beach! Fantastic flavors, beautiful presentations, small plates that are legit servings, and prices that were beyond fair.

My folks have been down here for 7+ years and the truly good restaurants are few and far between. We’re also fans of Coolinary Cafe (not a typo) in Palm Beach Gardens.

I haven’t been, but they also love Avocado Grill in downtown WPB.

Bumping this up… I’ve been down in W. Palm for almost two weeks, and have two excellent finds:

Indus Indian & Herbal Cuisine is a spot we discovered in the last year, and it has definitely become a favorite. I haven’t been to their buffet yet, but my dad says it’s terrific. We were there this week with friends who are adventurous eaters, but who don’t know Indian cuisine, so they had us order. :slight_smile: Four of us had:
Gobi (cauliflower) Manchurian
Onion Kulcha
Kheema Naan (filled with minced lamb)
Dal Makhani (black lentils with kidney beans)
Lamb chops
Goat Rogan Josh

Seriously spectacular–dish after dish! Full of different flavors, medium spice on all, and the lamb chops were insanely tender. We finished by sharing a mango lassi. $56/couple all in.

The other spot I hadn’t been to that’s in regular rotation for my dad is the Mediterranean Market & Deli, which is exactly the kind of place I love–ethnic, a little rough around the edges, and so many delicious things to choose from, we left with way more than we intended. :slight_smile:
We got:
Tabouli (a staple in my dad’s fridge)
Lentil salad
Fattoush salad
Butter bean salad
Spinach and feta (hand) pie
Meat (hand) pie
Date cookies

I think it all totaled about $38. What a haul! There is a small table out in the parking lot with umbrellas for shade, but that’s it for seating. This is a call-in/pick up or order at the counter spot, and I’ll definitely be back on my next trip to try the falafel and other sandwiches/wraps.

Souvlaki II in the very cute Northwood neighborhood is another favorite of ours… zero atmosphere but who cares when the gyros, calamari over Greek salad and other traditional treats are so yummy? They have about half a dozen tables so you can eat in or take out, and their first location (further south in WPB) is still open as well (haven’t been to that one).

Finally a real newcomer–as in, only open a month or so, iirc, is Seasons Thai, also in Northwood. Dad has eaten in the restaurant, but the meal I had was via huge takeout order for 7 people. We shared chicken lettuce wraps, potstickers, duck salad, the mixed veg stir-fry, chicken satay, and a noodle dish that was similar to Chow Fun. EVERYTHING was delicious!

Little by little, there are more spots in this area, and since I visit 3-5x/year, I’m happy about it!

Edited to tag @PHREDDY :slight_smile:


The plan now is to be down in FLA for more than 6 months a year. Found a sweet shack in West Boynton Beach, at Boynton Beach Blvd. about 20 0or so minutes from WPB… (been here since the beginning of December)
I will give those a shot and let you know! Thanks!

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