Oyster shooters- what's the point?

I was just looking at a restaurant menu for an oyster bar that had a variety of oyster shooters.

I’ve had oyster shots once before- they seemed more like something somebody who doesn’t like oysters uses as a vehicle to choke down an oyster.

I love oysters. I like to try different varieties and don’t tend to put much in the way of sauces on them.

Most of the oyster shots on this menu sounded horrible.

Anyone drink/like these and care to comment?


I also prefer my oysters mostly unadorned, but once in a while I’ll have an oyster shooter. I like the combination of tomato juice and brine. I also like bloody marys made with clamato.

YES! That is the only semi appealing form of oyster shot, which I have also had.

This menu had a kamikaze oyster shot, and mai tai? Ew.

Bleah. Not a fan of seafood+sugar.


This. For the win!

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I have a favorite spot to indulge in oysters, platter of a dozen at a time. And I don’t mind good, fresh add-ons like Champagne sauce, cocktail sauce and horseradish. Even a good fresh baked roll on the side. Of course, a beer, glass of wine or a martini on the other side, too…not into shooters.


Ok so you are a weirdo!! (joke)

I like oysters…I like them with cocktail sauce, extra horseradish or mignonette, however I also like oyster shots!!

I use to server them at one of my places, it use to be the oyster topped with cocktail sauce a dab of horseradish topped with your choice of;

Citron Vodka (lemon)
Absolute Pepper Vodka
Stoli jalapeno vodka
or Plain Vodka
(I do think I’m forgetting a flavor)

Rim of the glass coated with paprika! Delicious!


Drop of tabasco and a drop of lemon juice. That’s it for me. The acid and capsaicins act as flavor enhancers for the natural flavor of the oysters. I learned this in New Orleans.

I believe oyster shooters are an attempt to get paid more for the oyster, which may also not be fresh, by adding some more stuff to it.

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Me too on these- fresh squeeze of lemon, tiny drop of tabasco and some fresh ground pepper.

I am actually good with all of these because they are complementary to the flavour of the oyster.

Here is the link to the menu I was reading:


I am not heading to Vegas or anything, was just curious but the revolting versions of Oyster shots prompted this post.

Well you can substitute “oyster” for any other food and there you have the object of anything in a restaurant. Re-purpose or reuse any item in a new and more profitable way!! We all can’t be Bon Jovi and operate an eat-for-free restaurant!!!


Are oyster shooters necessarily just a bolt it down thing? I’ve had them at a sushi bar and they’ve been ‘accessorized’ in different ways. Not much different than on the half-shell with condiments… except in a glass.

There was no criticism inherent or intended in my original statement. I’m glad they do make a profit and stay open, especially if they are good.

That said, it was qualified for freshness. Knowing some of the restaurant shenanigans that go on behind scenes with especially seafood that is approaching it’s beyond sell by date, I am always a little


of the seafood spec*ial.

Yes, thank gawd!!!

I like to get the jarred oysters . Add some cocktail sauce to a small glass . Thin with some beer . Add the oyster and shoot it down . A great appetizer . Also a fan of shucked oysters on the half shell . Nothing added .

Hey, has anybody here ever made an Oyster Pan Roast at home?

I love, love, love Oyster Pan Roasts.


I use heavy cream rather than half n half.

Just finished off these kummoto’s(?) at Steak 85, picture of entree to follow in the Big Ole NJ steak thread.

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Are those Kraken I see lingering on ice with the lemon in the background?

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Yes sir!

Kumamotos are a favorite of mine. I take any oyster with just a squeeze of lemon, plz. And I chew them… which came in handy recently when I had a bad oyster. Don’t even want to think about if I’d just swallowed it :frowning:

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