Oxo Pro Peeler Replacement Blades

I have a Oxo Pro Peeler, which I bought understanding there were replacement blades. Oxo no longer carries them and Amazon shows unavailable, and a review, from 2013. Instead of buying a series of cheap ones, this seemed like a good idea. The handle is nicely weighted and made of cast metal/alloy. Here’s a few questions:

A). Does anyone know where to get replacement blades. I don’t want to buy a new peeler, which was the whole idea.

B) Are peeler blades universal? I see similar (double sided) blades at Walmart and e-bay but rather get info before buying.

Here’s what the old Amazon URL for the Oxo blades.

You may be SOL. The photo in your link shows blades that look different than those for other OXO peelers. You might try calling Fantes in Philly or the oldest indie kitchen shops you can find–the idea being places that sold your peeler, who might have new old stock.

You find me a replacement natural bristle head for my Lamsonsharp BBQ brush, I’ll track down your blades.

Edit: The Amazon ad for the OXO Pro Y peeler at the OXO store shows a photo of what looks to be the same tricorner blade cassette.