Overseas Shipping

Overseas shipping is becoming more of a mishmash than ever. Sometimes an item coming from France takes a few weeks, pushing a full month. Somehow Dehillerin is able to deliver in under a week. Sometimes the cost of shipping makes an item prohibitively expensive, almost the cost of the item, but I just bought a French frying pan that came with free shipping. The tracking function for things originating in France is often close to worthless, especially if there is a handoff between shippers.


I recently had a good experience with a medical supply place in Canada (not technically overseas I guess, but over some lakes), and a bad experience with a clothing, home goods place in China.

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It seems to take a very long time to get out of Hong Kong, longer than from the rest of China. Hmmmm.

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Very unusual for overseas shipping to be free – what was the site?

Some of the products can only be bought from oversea. Sometime the cost become prohibitively expensive, but sometime it is cheaper than buying it in USA. I bought this steamer, and it would have cost me twice as much if I buy this in USA.

Frenchcoppercookware on eBay. I got a 24cm frying pan with iron handle and 2mm thickness. The tin is new. $150 with free shipping sounded like a good deal.

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there are multiple “scenarios” in the “from overseas” shipping . . .

every package (except via postal services) send to the US requires a broker, who does the paperwork for US Customs to “clear” the package, which then gets lost in US Customs examinations/clearance.
UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc etc - are all subject to these issues.
thence the “big package” goes to a domestic “agent” who opens,breaks down and reships/remails the items from the US to the US . . .
this avenue entails a lot of “wasted time”

because sending lots of small packages via postal services is horrendously more expensive . . .
many “importers” - especially the Chinese sources - take orders, wait to bundle them into one big “Customs package” - to spread the cost of import brokers/fees/etc over larger orders.

it take for flipping ever for all that to happen.

most “popular” companies import big batches of “stuff” to an agent - in or out of a Foreign Trade Zone - and altho they may mislead the buyer into thinking it is coming from “overseas” - it isn’t.
Darto is one such supplier - they offer ‘free shipping’ - and they are honest&upfront about it - they “import” tons of product en masse, and ship from a USA destination.

had an offer to become a Bourgeat source - same deal - tons of pots shipped en masse to me, I advertise/sell from a domestic location . . .

the government will have its cut - by agent or by USPS rates.

On the other hand, isn’t there a like import tax once the shipment is above ~$800? Or is that only per customer, not per shipment, so I can have over $800 in a shipment as long as each customer products are below $800?

there’s like several thousand pages of duties thingies - this is not a simple topic . . .

for a consolidated package/parcel, there is no recognition of ‘customer orders’
it’s “here’s a box/pallet/skid/container” with $$ dollars of goods in it, and here’s the breakdown of those items by import class . . .

I have a return that has been stuck in customs/Hangzhou in China since April 15th. I was a sucker and finally took the bait of these fetching PJ’s that danced across every screen after I looked at the website. They offered $5, then$10 to not return them, after threatening me with how much it would cost and how long it would take, but at that point, I wasn’t having it. And to add insult to injury, I also got “phished”, or whatever it’s called now when you click on a text saying your package is being held.


So sorry.

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Customs warehouses are totally legit solutions and they exist literally all over the world.

Goods are shipped to a warehouse (usually close to a port and/or airport) and held until they are sold. The taxes are then calculated on the individual orders.

I worked for a couple of companies that had them…its to make logistics faster and easier for the customer, and eases the financial burden on the seller (but not by a huge amount…the warehouses arent cheap)

Its also far easier to ship 6 pallets or a full container of something than it is to ship 300 small shipments of those goods.

Come to think of it I have had some bad experience with a eBay seller from China.

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