Oscars menus?

Are you making anything special to go along with the Oscars? I usually make lasagna because I can do it ahead and minimize the time away from watching - not that I’ve seen any of this year’s movies. I just like the clothes! How about other HOs?


Mini lemon meringue pies
Meringue cookies
(using up the egg whites from the flan recipe)
Coffee and cocktails

Enjoy the show!


Just curious, why everything sweet? After dinner party?

Yes, my family is supplying dinner.

This will be the first Oscars I have paid attention to in a LONG time. BF is at work tonight so it will just be mom and I. Just some light snacks: her famous hot clam dip, pigs in a blanket, spinach-artichoke dip, a mushroom flatbread, and if need be, some spring rolls for the air fryer.