Oscars 2019- what are you making?

Struggling with movie themed dishes for best picture nominees. I’m thinking pea soup shooters with star anise fried chili oil for “A Star is Born”; KFC fried chicken “ Green Book”; Smoked trout “ Angler” with goat cheese on endive leaf for “Vice”; Tuna tostadas Contremar, a restaurant in Roma district, Mexico City “Roma”; Doro Wat “Black Panther”; (Racing) Duck and grilled Pineapple sliders “The Favourite”. “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “BlackKKlansman” eludes. Input welcome, thanks.

Sorry but a glass of wine and my bed.

Probably not helpful, the menu of 2019:

I will create some dish covered with squid ink.

Maybe a cocktail playing with the colour of the album?

This one is tricky and can be controversial… how about something like this?
A cake like this

Or some cupcakes?

Of the titles listed I recognize only 4 and have watched only 1 in its entirety…Black Panther which was a big snore.

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Squid ink! I spaced on cocktails so will explore that. Thank you for your ideas.

Bake some (or find some) kouign amans for dessert for Bohemian Rhapsody. I know… bad pun. :laughing:

I’ll be making a guest appearance…

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I’m not helpful, but serious eats is! ;))
They did a “bohemian wrap-sody” which is silly yet potentially helpful!

What fun! And also ambitious!

I’m going to a friend’s most likely, will bake cake for dessert, takeout for dinner… boring :wink:

For Bohemian rhapsody, you could do something indian that’s been “turned” British… like Freddie Mercury :crazy_face: Chicken tikka masala, kedgeree, mulligatawny soup, etc.

For The Favourite - rabbit (gory of me) or tea cakes or scones?

Can’t think of something appropriate for Black Klansmen as I haven’t seen it yet. All the usuals seem… inappropriate?

Just some popcorn, or nachos. It’s all about movies :slight_smile:

Thanks. Saw that, “wrap” definitely opens up possibilities. ( the article is hilarious)