Organic Valley Milk, Finally!!!!

Organic Valley brand milk (in all our grocery store chains here in Boston area - and I think it was in Ohio too) has FINALLY come out with a pasteurized (not ultra-pasteurized) AND non-homogenized milk! Yeah!!! It is labeled as “grass milk - cream on top” with instructions to shake well before drinking. I’ve bought the whole milk.

I know this sounds so dumb. But I’ve always struggled to find pasteurized (at a lower temp than ultra) and non-homogenized heavy cream (which makes the best, “milkiest” tasting, and quick to thicken whipped cream) and never thought I’d see this in everyday milk in today’s day and age. But there it was. I’ve had it - I’m sold.

I spent some time in Idaho (don’t ask) where I could find raw milk in the stores - that is a little too risky for me, but the taste difference between the lower temp to pasteurize and the unnecessary mechanical process of making milk homogenized versus non-homogenized is noticeable to me. I’ve wanted this for a long time and I’m now so worried that it is some sort of test and it will go away.

Do you have it in your stores? I hope so!!!


I was going to add an image - but even on their website they only show the 2% - this makes me nervous for the long term availability of this . . . . I’m going to just have to love it while its here. . . . .

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I haven’t seen it but I sure am going to look for it now. I’d love to be able to have non-homogenized milk again.

I’ve seen that packaging available at WF in nyc. Surprisingly, my organic WF milk this time appeared to be cream-on-top (I empty it into glass milk bottles so it lasts longer, and there’s a layer and ring of cream at the top of the bottle). Go figure.

We’ve had the Organic Valley stuff in Seattle for a long time, but it is only in the last year or two that we got the “grass milk”. I am completely sold on it, for both taste and ethics. A California creamery called Alexander’s is also selling pastured milk in Seattle. It is very good, but they actually add extra cream - which is a little too much for me sometimes.

I bought the organic valley grass fed 2% milk but it is homogenized and ultrapasteurized for my son’s cappuccino since I am now on a non dairy8 regimen.
The non ultra pasteurized ones do not store well. I have since bought 2 kinds before this recent one ,ended up throwing them away. My kitchen fridge is very accurate 36 degrees. I hate to throw milk away when it is half or a third empty. Too much waste.