Orange cake recipe from years ago on CH.

One of the regulars on CH (sorry! I don’t remember who)started a thread posting her grandmother’s? recipe for a fresh orange cake. IIRC it was soaked with an orange juice glaze. Not an olive oil cake. It was a long running thread with lots of positive reviews. I could have sworn I saw the recipe posted here at one time, but a search is not pulling it up. Ringing a bell with anyone else?

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I don’t know if this is what you remember, but I have it saved, probably because I saw it on CH. So maybe?

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I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any almond meal. Thanks anyways.:slightly_smiling_face:

Was it @Tehama’s bundt cake with hot orange sauce for a glaze?

Here’s an archive of the CH post:


That’s it! Thank you.

Oh, well. Good luck finding it!
ETA Oh! Yay.

You’re welcome - hope you’ll let us know how it turns out! According to that post, the grandmamma was Lucy Smathers Norris, and her recipe lives on in CH (and now HO) memory!


I posted this cake a couple of times. It wasnt a link, as someone shared their recipe with me in person.

It’s an odd little recipe but really delicious and gets lots of raves. I used to drizzle it with dark chocolate ganache (haven’t made it in years)


Gonna download it so I’m ready next time someone asks.


“There’s a hole in this cake!”

Sorry…just saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding v3.0, and couldn’t resist.

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While this is a completely different beast… I spied this the other day and it quickly went on my list of cakes to try (luv pineapple versions).