Openings/closings Oct/Nov/Dec [Boston, New England]

Hing Shing, the Chinese Pastry shop near the Chinatown Gate on Beach St. has closed. I passed by it today hoping to pick up some stuff to eat on Amtrak, but its insides were ripped out. Yelp confirms that it’s a closure. They were never phenomenally good, but were always reliable and with Eldo also having closed earlier in the year we are now left with just three old-style places (I think) that do their own baking and do not offer their wares wrapped in cellophane – Great Taste next door, Ho Yuen across the street a bit further back, and May’s down Harrison (thanks again @gourmaniac ).


Had a few friends who visited them on their last day. The owners are retiring. They have been around since the 70s (I think) - at very latest since the 80s and was one of the last few businesses that stayed the same after turnover on that street over the last few decades. I don’t think they ever changed their business and business operations in all of that time. Hope the owners have a good and happy retirement.


This is a very late opening post - and really should be in last quarter’s posting. Pinoykabayan is a small, take out oriented Filipino restaurant at 71 Broad Street in DTX. Usually a variety of meats - chicken, beef, or pork - done BBQ or adobo style, a few veggie options, and also sinangag (garlic fried rice) or pancit (fried bean thread noodles). It has two tiny tables by the door that will not be comfortable for anyone wanting to dine in, so best to take away. I tried the adobo pork, with pancit and green beans and broccoli. The food looks very homestyle and is more flavorful than you would expect, since it lacks like clear visible sauces you might see in other cuisine. It was a nice mix up of the usual lunch routine, and the owner was so nice and friendly, and relayed to me and my DC that they had actually opened 7 weeks ago, and haven’t done a good job of promoting or marketing their presence.

They do have lumpia (spring rolls), and a few other treats and desserts too. I would love to see more Filipino food in the city and hope they find a regular audience for their food and get the support for another local small business.


Sounds interesting, and you got me all excited when you said DTX since I’m always looking to eat as well as I can on Amtrak. But the location appears to be more Waterfrontish than DTXish.

That is sad. I still liked them though they never had much business. There is a place around the corner (along the bambbo park) that seems to cater to elderly Asians. I’ve been there from Har gow and siu mai and they are markedly cheaper than others locally and of similar quality.

Pinoykabayan looks interesting and near my dentist. We lack filipino in the area so will give it a try. near them is Casa Razdora that remember as good fast Italian but haven’t been in 20 years.


Yeah, sorry, it’s not right in the heart of DTX, but it’s not that far of a walk either. I work in Seaport so it was 15 minutes for me to get there. If you have a day where you’re not so crunched on time, it’s a good addition to the area.

A closing and an opening:

"On October 11, 2023, M.F. Dulock was sold to Shannon Largey and will operate as Highland Butcher Shop. Messages sent to this [Dulock] address will be automatically forwarded to

“The shop will be closed for a few weeks while new permits are issued from the city.”

As some of you may know, Michael Dulock was seriously ill last year and needed a kidney transplant. He seemed to have recovered well from the operation and I don’t know if this transition is related to that.


On doing some digging, I am reliably informed that the two are unrelated. That’s a relief.

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thank you for this. We live in Somerville and have patronized MF Dulock not as often as I’d like, but as often as we could. We don’t eat meat much. When we did, I tried to get it all from MF Dulock.

I really respected and genuinely like/admire Michael and his staff since they opened. I am so glad to hear that Michael has recovered. I knew when they were open only a few days a week after that worst of the pandemic that something else might be going on.

I wish Michael and his staff the best! If anybody has news on how to personally send best wishes and thanks to Michael, please post!

Wow, that’s too bad, but also hopeful. It’s a great butcher shop, and I would be a more frequent buyer if it were closer to me. Sorry to hear about the prior owner’s health struggles, and glad that he is on the road to recovery. I hope the new owners will continue with that success with the community too.

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You can send him a message to the shop Instagram account if you use that platform. Otherwise, stop by on a Saturday while he is still there.

I’m not sure he’ll be at the store anymore, or that it will be open for the next few weeks as per their announcement posted above.

I am sure he will be there on Saturdays for a bit once they have reopened.

He will be at the store on Saturdays until the holidays

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I will stop by! And buy some meat!

" According to an Instagram post, M.F. Dulock on Highland Avenue is closing and being replaced by Highland Butcher Shop, with Michael Dulock saying the following in the post:

Since 2012, MF Dulock has set the standard for fresh local meat and the time has come to pass that torch to a new owner. I’m pleased to announce that the shop has been sold to Shannon Largey and will operate going forward under the name Highland Butcher Shop. The shop will be closed for a few weeks while Shannon gets her permits from the city. It is my hope that you will put your trust in Shannon for your local meat needs. Beginning later this week I will be handing this account over to Shannon so there is no need to follow a new account…You will be happy to know that Sam has decided to stay on board to work with Shannon. As for me, I will be at the new shop on Saturdays through the holidays."


Just saw that Commonwealth is closing - might not have been the best restaurant ever but they did some pretty good stuff and were always a great place for business dinners.


Radici, an excellent pizza place on Washington Ave in Portland, is closing November 18. The owner/proprietor/sole employee needs more time for her kids.

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Funny, you and I have probably crossed paths at one time or another. I spent many business lunch and dinners at Commonwealth (and I felt the same way about the food…it was definitely crowd-pleasing). I am an acquaintance of Steve’s partner in Revival Cafe. They had to recently close their Lexington location. Hope they are doing OK with the other locations which I think includes Alewife.

It’s a funny but somewhat picturesque location. I’m never in that corner of Kendall anymore except to go to the MIT museum with my kid.


We went a few times and enjoyed Commonwealth and liked that corner of Cambridge with the river view. Nearby was a nice wine store and EVOO (which we enjoyed in Somerville before they moved to Cambridge) and Za pizza (which we first enjoyed in Arlington before they branched out to Cambridge).

I just checked their website and it says “we are open during construction on Broad Canal Way.” Their calendar shows multiple closures for private events. Where did you see the closing?

It’s on their Instagram (a farewell message as a picture so it is hard to copy it in here)

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