Openings/closings Apr/May/June 2023 [Boston, New England]

A search turned up Mainstay Bakery in Scituate which is on the South Shore and a lot closer to you than Plymouth. I’ve never heard of it, anyone ever been?

They take orders on Sundays and you pick up the bread next Saturday, so not a walk in business. I have not tried it yet, but the breads tend to sell out out the day online ordering is open so I’m sure that speaks to the quality (or lack of alternatives in the region?) as well.

So true! We live near that corridor and my spouse and I joke that we are absolutely inundated with sourdough but in desperate need of a taco!

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dynasty has opened in the old ginza location on hudson street in chinatown


Dynasty from days of yore? Like the one that stayed open nearly 24 hours?

I found a few pictures of a paper printout menu someone posted online via Google reviews, and doesn’t look like they are related. The Chinese name for this restaurant translates to Tang Dynasty House of Food, which is not the same Chinese name of the old restaurant. It was just a one-pager of their dim sum selections that you mark on a sheet, and then two sheets of meat and seafood dishes. I’m assuming they will eventually get a menu fancier than a print out, so it might be more extensive.

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I went in there a few days ago, and found the baked goods disappointing in their looks and their selection. I tried a croissant and it confirmed my fears – pale and soft. It did have an interesting tang, though, possible from using cultured butter. The croissants at Broadsheet around the corner are much better.

PRB does have an interesting-looking, although small, set of jarred foods.


Yes, a trajedy. I wonder if they’ll sell the place and someone else will reopen?

Happy news! Thai Moon reopened today in their new spot in the former Twyrl location in Arlington Center. I am pleased to report their pad thai was delicious as always. It’s been a long slog for them following a fire about 3 years ago (!) so it would be good to support them. I certainly plan to!
eta: just realized it’s July. Those three years sure have flown by, as has this summer so far. Will create new thread and add there.


How about MIlton, that’s pretty close to you!

I recently became aware of this place whose breads have received good reviews:

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I’ve actually never been. I’m car-less, so sometimes even a jaunt over to Milton can be a pain. Steel and Rye is a restaurant that had been up and running for a few years. I wonder if this is a separate shop or just a limited time when they sell bagged goods on the side… But I’ll have to to find a way for a visit for sure.

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Steel and Rye Bakery is at the Copley Square farmers market on Fridays.

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