Openings/closings Apr/May/June 2023 [Boston, New England]

A thread on this was started, then deleted, so let me restart with the sad news that EHChocolatier is closing. They were expensive, but very good and had become our go to for special occasions.


Oh that’s sad about EHChocolatiers, but a well-deserved retirement I suppose.

(One of them is the mother of a college friend, so I remember well when they started: it was after we graduated and a surprise late career switch. We have had their delicious chocolates as favors at many of our circle’s happy occasions.)


I managed to restart the tread as well, didn’t see this one.
John’s Bar and Grill in Beverly has closed. John used to be the chef at the much-missed Brothers Kouzina in Peabody. He continued the tradition of serving Greek food in Beverly. The food was very enjoyable, and the prices were very reasonable. He also served breakfast. I’ll miss them.


Thai e Sarn in Arlington Heights is papered over with a sign stating “closed April 16-24.”

When we moved in, I wanted to like that place badly. We had 1 decent dine-in meal (a whole fish, done up nicely with an interesting sauce and herbs). I think we’ve had 4 or 5 other meals and all have been meh experiences. Nice people — I hope all will be well for them.

After they served me slimy squid, it was over.

Marseille an offshoot from the Petit Robert folks is set to open in the South End (Harrison at Union Park). I saw a few folks eating at tables last night but most likely the staff. This replaces Gaslight and I am hopeful that it will be a nice Brasserie in the neighborhood.


Biked down Beacon Street in Somerville yesterday and noticed a new bakery getting ready to open at ~120 Beacon where the FAB brewery/Art gallery was most recently located - before that it was Bergamot. Signs outside just say Boulangerie/Epicerie. A look through the windows show that the equipment and display racks are pretty much ready to go. A search on the web indicated that it is associated with Batifol in Kendall Sq, Cambridge.


Received an email this morning that Tasting Counter in Somerville will close at the end of the month. Aeronaut apparently did not renew the restaurant’s lease, so it’s losing its space.

I ate there a few times and found the execution to be quite inconsistent, especially given the price point. But on the flip side I feel that Boston’s dining scene really needs more places like this. So I feel that this nets to an overall loss.


Berks Alewerks in West Newton has closed after less than 6 months in business. Sad, their beer was pretty good and nice owners but didn’t seem to be able to drum up much business.


Used to be that the opening of a new brewery or brewpub in the area was a really big deal.

Berks Alewerks?? I’ve never even heard of it and I don’t live that far away. There are so many that open (and close) that they’ve crowded each other out of the news cycle.

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Tried Marseille last week. Pretty good. Wait staff was weak but attentive managers, Steak frites, mussels, both quite good but the show stopper was the pureed parnsips in the sides section. That was stunning. Not inexpensive but the value was good and I’ve always enjoyed the Brasserie space since it was Gaslight.

sorry, I didn’t mean to diss the staff. I meant to add that Marseille has only been open a week and wait staff is I’m sure still in training.

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Bummer. Had we known about it, we would’ve checked it out. Like @Stiv, I feel like that may be a function of market saturation and adults who are not staying on top of the really important things. :joy:

There is a small producer in our hometown of Arlington, Arlington Beer Co. who is ramping up for a larger stage. I think they’re doing beer gardens at the Arlington Reservoir beach this summer. Hope they make it. :crossed_fingers:

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Mill City Cheesemongers in Lowell is closing after a seven year run, according to their Facebook page. In recent years, this cheese shop shared a location with Sweet Lydia’s candy on Merrimack Street. May 21 is the last day for both at the shared retail location, according to Sweet Lydia’s FB page.

Thankful for having had such a little gem of a cheese shop in the area.


Asian dessert shop opened in Wollaston neighborhood of Quincy this weekend, on Beale St a few storefronts down from the Kung Fu tea shop. It’s mango themed dessert and drink place, and appears to be part of a chain:

Was going to give it a try when I was nearby on Saturday, but they had a line due to what is likely opening day hiccups (let’s hope!).


Mamadou’s Arlington location looks permanently closed. The space is gutted. For many months now, the sign in the front has said " closed from this month_ til next month."

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Oh, that’s a bummer. I haven’t gone in some time, so I feel partially responsible. It was a nice sunny space and of course the bread was always good. The coffee and baked treats looked/smelled good. I hope Winchester is still alive-and-kicking?

Website is gone, social media isn’t active, last yelp review was over a year ago, google search says “temporarily closed”

I assume that they are gone. Next time I am in the Winchester area I will swing by and confirm.


Tough news about Mamadou’s.

But Butternut bakehouse is just two blocks further down Mass Ave in Arlington and they make GREAT sweet and savory pastries as well as other baked goods (I have not tried their breads). One caveat is that this storefront is very small with almost no seating inside.

BTW, Butternut is well on their way to opening a second, much larger, location in downtown Belmont. I looked through the front window a couple of weeks ago and there was active construction going on, so I assume that they are moving as quickly as they can on opening it.


Up in Gloucester my go to always terrific Willow Rest has closed. Announced on their Facebook page 2 days ago that repeated Covid among staff and inability to adequately staff was too stressful. Melissa, the owner, always had a smile, thrilled to see repeat and regular customers. One place I could and would drive up to Gloucester for that comfortable, relaxed feeling one gets from a long time favorite.

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