Openings/closings Apr/May/June 2023 [Boston, New England]

Oh, bummer. Mamadou’s Arlington location was a little outpost that always had very irregular hours so I just assumed they were prioritizing the Winchester site. I spent years wondering how they paid Mass Ave rents with literally like 18 hours per week of an open business.

And good news that Butternut is doing well enough to expand. They are always busy in Arlington. I’ve amended my initial lukewarm feelings about them, and am now an enthusiastic supporter. That says a lot since I’ve also begun avoiding gluten since that time period, and I also find Butternut better than average in gluten-free options.

Although speaking of gluten-free, the Tatte in Arlington is coming along. Lots of tiling work and counters going in, so hopefully not too long.

Artifact Cider Project’s tap house in Central Sq, Cambridge, MA closed at the end of May.

By doing so, it also forced the closure of Mimi’s Chuka Diner, the in-house dumpling pop-up.


I LOVE Butternut Bakehouse. Their morning bun is to die for. Everything I’ve had there has been outstanding - like Flour was when it first opened.


Soft opening Saturday 6/10. Michette Bakery, East Somerville, near the McGrath.

Dear preorder community, huge thanks for all the love you have shown us while the bakery was under construction! You might have noticed that we stayed quiet for the past couple months, but rest assured: we’ve been busy with the pre-opening saga for our brick and mortar space at 164 Broadway in Somerville.

Now that we have finally received the green light from all the possible local departments, boards, commissions and authorities in Somerville, things are heating up at the bakery!

We will be hosting a soft opening this Saturday from 9am to 3pm and we’d love to welcome you at the bakery!

For the planners who would like to pre-order, here is a sneak peak of our special menu on Saturday. We will also have a few additional choices available in store.

Pre-Order Now

PS: Coffee is on us with the magic word!

To celebrate our first day, let us treat you with a free coffee with any order. Here’s how to claim it on Saturday: just say “Bonjour” and voilà! Enjoy your free coffee!


Yego Coffee is open in Teele Square, Somerville. They have a mission to be crop-to-cup Rwandan coffee with better pay for farmers. I had an iced latte yesterday afternoon and it was excellent. It was also at least a dollar cheaper than anyone else’s.


Thanks for the reminder! I’ve been meaning to check out this place. There was an article about it in the Globe or somewhere, can’t remember exactly where, but it sounded like such a friendly place. Is there any food?

There is a small pastry case at Yego with a nice looking assortment of pastries. It didn’t look like they were doing any in-house food and I didn’t think to ask where their pastries were from.


DH went to Mamadou’s in Winchester this morning; they’re still open!


PRB Boulangerie is now open on Beacon St in Somerville, where Bergamot and before it EVOO were, across the street from Dali and Wine and Cheese Cask and near Savenors.

I was running in yesterday while driver was illegally parked. Breads and viennoiserie looked great and some prepared dinners to go. Didn’t stay long to peruse but did picked up very reasonably priced jarred harissa and dijon mustard. We’ll definitely be checking it out later with a real parking space.


We have to find the mysterious MA law that prohibits any good bakeries (bread and pastries - not a cake or cupcake shop) from opening on the South Shore. And by South Shore I really mean Quincy.

Somerville/Cambridge/Brookline/Newton all seem to have great options. There is none that I know of by where I live, and it’s not like we don’t eat bread.


There are two good ones in Plymouth (Hearth Bakery for bread, and Keegan’s Kreations for pastries) but those are probably too far for you. Keegan’s got their start at the Braintree farmer’s market but don’t do it anymore I think - perhaps there are some other upcoming bakers taking their place now? And we could use a good bagel place around South Shore too.


Thanks for the heads-up on the Braintree farmers’ market! My mom moved back there not long ago (it’s where I grew up) and I’ll definitely go when I next visit her in August :slight_smile:

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The secret law appears to be that excellent bakeries can only open strung along Concord Ave in Cambridge. If you love bread, you simply need to move. Small price for good bread.


There are several other really good bakeries that aren’t on Concord ave in Cambridge. Some of them are mentioned on this topic. Some have opened within the last several years.

Knowing @fooddabbler, I suspect his post was dripping with sarcasm. :wink: Least that’s the way I took it.


thanks for pointing that out, Digga! I should have gotten that. It’s been a difficult few weeks here, totally not related to food, so I missed it! Apologies to fooddabbler.


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I stopped by yesterday and they were closed. Posting on the door lists open days as Wed-Sat. Bummer!

I hope so. There are a LOT more good bakeries in the Boston area that are not on Concord Ave than are on it.

Speaking of good bakeries, I think that I’ll swing by PRB Boulangerie today and check it out.