Online rice?

Recs for basmati rice brands that you have found to have consistent quality? The negative reviews of many have my head spinning. Bugs, mold, bad packaging…. Thanks for any ideas.

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Though I haven’t bought it online, I have had good luck with Bombay Market brand basmati rice at my local supermarket. I did see at least one negative review on Amazon but my experience has been positive.

The supply chain is probably as short as I can hope for being that an importer here brings the rice to MA and it’s sold at my local supermarket. Perhaps that’s worked in my favor—can’t say for sure.

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We really like this brand. Never had a problem but if we did they would fix it immediately.


I assume you don’t have an Indian/ Pakistani/ Nepalese grocer around you? I don’t have any hesitation eating rice from any of those brands sold in those grocers in big bags. If you aren’t close to any, consider this one:

Skip the small bags sold on Amazon. They may have bugs/ mold etc because the turnover isn’t quick enough. But the turnover should be quick at Costco since they really only have a small selection of rices there.

I would skip the Lundberg basmati grown in California. It just doesn’t have the same fragrance compared to the rice grown around the Indian subcontinent.


I have shared a bag of that rice brand with three family members. 20 lbs is even too much for a rice fan like me!

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