Onion Rings - Houston

As posted on another thread:

To be honest, I can’t recommend the onion rings at Union Kitchen. I’ve only ever had them as displayed, as a garnish for the burger. Mine have always been prepared well in advance and served cold and rather uninspired.

HOWEVER, entirely due to your question I ordered onion rings at Fuddrucker’s this afternoon. (Short version, OBD is moving soon and our “mutual prenatal incubator” and I were helping him do some packing. Mom wanted a convenient burger and Fudds fit the bill.)

The burger was acceptable but the onion rings were outstanding. They were just the right thickness, the breading was well seasoned and very crispy.

Highly recommended.

So now that I’ve decided we needed an onion ring thread, where can I get your favorites?

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Interesting. Haven’t been to Fudd’s in a long time and can’t recall if I ever had the ORs there.

I used to love the onion rings at Tookie’s - worth the drive just for that - but I haven’t been since they were closed by Ike and re-opened under new ownership.

I tend to go for those really thick onion rings but I know somewhere in recent years I’ve had some excellent thin onion rings but haven’t been able to remember where. I’ll have to keep thinking about it.

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It occurs to me Kelley’s Country Cookin’ probably has good ORs. I was going to go there last week for Chicken Fried Steak Day but didn’t. Maybe I’ll make it over there soon and try them. They do pretty good fried stuff.

My favorite in Texas to date is way yonder down I-10 in Sonora (exit 400). Though someone who was there recently said it has deteriorated and speculated it has changed hands. Sutton County Steakhouse

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The Hitchin’ Post was mentioned by TMBBQ blogger Daniel Vaughn in his listing of Best Fried Sides at barbecue joints, along with several others.

I can’t recall I’ve ever had onion rings (or french fries) at a barbecue joint. Probably have but not recalling it.

(Couldn’t decide whether this belonged in the onion ring thread or the Small Town Places thread).

Super duper at Fat Bao

I’m about to fry up a batch the Wifeacita procured fresh from the Valley. I use Paula Deen’s beer battered fish recipe which is 12 oz beer, 1 /1half cups flour, plus her special mix which I just use any Cajun seasonings you prefer. Dip in batter, roll in flour, fry and feed.

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