One18 Bistro (New) Deal, New Jersey

For those of you who are familiar with Mr. C’s original location prior to the beach club there is a new chef/operator taking over the location. The new name is One18 American Bistro, they had a pre-opening party last Thursday and will be open for business this Tuesday April 25th, 2017. The chef/owner is Eddie Goldberg, previously of Eddies Place located at Luigi’s Bar in Tinton Falls. His menu there was primarily pizza and Italian with a focus on low price point pasta dishes etc. I doubt this is going to be the same menu given the location but he hasn’t posted a menu yet so I don’t know for sure.

I attended the party last week, but he way over invited or had more or less an open house which was very over crowded, I couldn’t get near any of her food.

Ironically I left and decided to go eat at the current Mr. C’s at the Allenhurst Beach Club, my first time since he reopened after Sandy. I was disappointed in the rebuild, although the bar is still facing the water, the windows while large, are no longer ceiling to floor. I was also very disappointed in my chicken milanese, the chicken was dry and almost grey in color, obviously fried well in advance and sitting in the fridge a few days.

I am not a fan of Mr C’s at all. My wife organized my 50th there a couple of years ago and the service was horrible, food was mediocre and it wasn’t cheap

I use to LOVE Mr. C’s at his original location, original menu etc. I’ve been to the beach club a few times over the years and was never overly impressed but I did love the bar & view. This was fairly bad and not the same view anymore {{sigh}}.

Did you put mayonnaise on your milanaise?


Get in while you can, should another Italian be something you like. It’s only a matter of time till black cars with orange plates overwhelm the place.

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Well after a long delay…geeze almost a year ago I started this thread, I finally got here for dinner. A shout out to my friend Eddie Goldberg for a great meal! I had the NY Sirloin and it was excellent, we shared lobster guacamole and filet mignon spring rolls as apps and my daughter had her favorite linguine in white clam sauce.

Good stuff! Definitely worth a try…far better than my last trip to Mr. C’s at Allenhurst Beach Club! Look forward to coming back more over the summer!!

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We had the lobster guac when we were there too. Have to get those spring rolls next time. Oh, and that steak you had looks awesome - you should post the pic here too. How much was that beast?

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Why didn’t you post about your trip here? When was it and what did you have? I intentionally didn’t provide a pic here because I do believe Eddie gave me a generous cut /portion and I wouldn’t want someone to order it and be disappointed. With that full disclosure here is the steak ($24??)


Went back last night and got this bad boy. I told the owner I feel bad posting pics / reviews of this because I’m afraid he is giving me “generous” cuts, and someone seeing this might go and what they receive doesn’t live up to expectation.

Even if this cut was half it’s size at $24 it’s way better than anything you are getting at Outback or Texas Roadhouse for a similar price. ( @corvette_johnny I strongly recommend you give this place a shot next time you are in the mood for a steak, introduce yourself to Eddie the owner, tell him I sent you, or hell maybe I’ll just meet you there one night) You really can’t beat this steak.


Just let me know when. …looks awesome!

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I was here Tuesday night and got this baby. It’s their one year anniversary and according to the owner new menu coming soon and this is going from $24 - $27. Still a great deal at $27 but I’m telling you now, run don’t walk and get yours at $24. Best steak out there for the money!!!


Full disclosure it comes with potatoes the broccoli rabe was a $6 addition.

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I was about to get so stoked for the broccoli rabe it comes with! Looks great either way.


Joon $24 is Outback /Texas Roadhouse prices, you cannot beat this steak!

I’m not a big steak eater in general, but that may get me over there…looks yummy!

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I’m not complaining! Looks fabulous.

8 One Eight has settled into the old Mr. C’s spot on Norwood Ave. in Deal. Went last night and my initial reaction was quite positive. Service was good and my friends and I enjoyed the meal. I had Seared Tuna and it was nicely prepared. The entrée servings were large and a baked loaf of bread was included. It was a nice addition to an area that doesn’t offer many good restaurant options. I will return and hope it continues to please.:slight_smile:

I think there’s already a thread on here…iirc, @NotJrvedivici wasn’t thrilled when he went, but maybe they’ve gotten their groove going. Since the name is One18 (not 8 One Eight), maybe he can merge this in with the existing thread so people can find it if they do a search?

Nooooooo I went to the pre-opening house party and it was a zoo, so much so I stayed for 1 drink said hello to some friends and left. I then went to the current Mr. C’s which was VERY disappointing.

I’m glad the initial word is good I do need to get over there.