One of the best tasting and authentic packaged Shanghainese frozen food!

Finally, made this for dinner tonight! GORGEOUS!

Fish was fresh tasting, void of any fishiness or mud taste. Lovely, slightly firm texture!..better than Turbot!

Rice wine seasoning package is very authentic tasting, loaded with rice wine alcohol aroma! For $7.99 not complaining. Just hope T&T does not sold out and allow me to replenish!

Now, if only they have ’ Stirred fried shredded Eel, Shanghainese style’!! Ha!


Interesting. I’ve never seen this brand before, but I’ve noticed an explosion of frozen prepared Chinese dishes in the Asian markets in a Boston.

You could always find baos, dumplings, and other quick snack or dim sum, but finding dishes you find on the menu at a local Chinese restaurant was rare. Now, you see soups, congees, and prepared frozen dishes that just need reheating. I’ve not tried many as I wasn’t sure of the quality, though my sister tried a fish head stew with chili peppers dish that she enjoyed. I’ll have to try some of these.

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Ingredients are raw and require about 4 minutes of cooking time in a non-stick pan/wok. The end result is very close to ’ restaurant quality '!! The brand also has a ‘Shanghainese oil poached river shrimp’. However, I was hesitant in paying over $20 to try it! Now that the fish product was so darn good, maybe I’ll give the shrimp a try?!