Omakase recommendations

Celebrating the big 4-0 so I am thinking about splurging on a big omakase dinner. Now I say splurge because while I am familiar with omakase but I don’t normally spend that much on meals so I am an infrequent consumer of the omakase circuit in the city, though I try to read up on the scene from time to time.

With that said, my information is from a couple of years ago. So I am hoping I can get some opinion from the group on the strengths and weaknesses of some preliminary candidates I have, based on recent experiences (in no specific order):

  • Ichimura
  • Yasuda
  • Masa
  • 15 East
  • Kurumazushi
  • Dojo

Location is not an issue. Any tips on dining at these places? Much appreciated on any feedback!

I think you should add Sushi of Gari to your list. I thought it was better than Yasuda when I went a couple of years ago.

I heard that Yasuda had gone downhill in the last three years or so. When I went I felt that it was great, but a bit unworthy of the reputation it had earned.

Conventional wisdom, as far as I know, is that Masa is the best, but it’s also by far the most expensive.

I haven’t done Kurumazushi, but it’s supposed to be the bomb. Also very expensive.

Dojo would be a good bit less than the other options you have listed (unless you do a fabulous sake pairing!)
Masa’s prices just seem obscene.
15 east (at the counter) is probably the most "traditional "
Sushi of gari uses a lot of nontraditional sauces and such

I would add Kanoyama Sake Bar to that list. Need to call-ahead for a seat at the bar with Nobu-san, but he serves some of the most remarkable sushi available in the city. He offers a ‘super omakase’ with multiple tsumame and sashimi, or a nigiri-only omakase that comes in 10/11 or 17/18 piece options (though sometimes only the 17/18-piece - call ahead to confirm). Also a great oyster selection, which is usually how I start my meals there.


There goes Dojo. Jba posted that its closed down because the chef refused to wear gloves while making sushi:

Of all the reasons that I could have narrowed down the choices, I never thought that gloves would be one of them. Is the DOH going to shut down all other sushi joints then? The omakase plan is on shaky ground…

That aside, what are folks’ opinion of Ichimura? Thanks.

Ichimura is great but a touch overpriced. At kanoyama or 15East (for instance) you can get a much wider variety of fish and techniques for half the $ or less. Ichimura is a much more refined environment than Kanoyama, less-so 15East - (pretty quiet, great sommelier, etc…), but you pay quite a bit for that.

By omakase, do you mean sushi or are you looking at other Japanese omakase meals? You’ve got a range of reasonable (Dojo when it reopens) to the priciest restaurant in NY (Masa).

Sushi Nakazawa is one addition I would consider for a sushi meal. If you want something in addition to just sushi check Shuko.

What do you like about Nakazawa?

I was considering sushi omakase.