Old keepers

Club aluminum set from 1989 I got for a wedding present. Just used the large pot to make mashed potatoes in.


That stuff is so fine.

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I only have one piece of Corning Ware, but I love it.


Oh ffs, I was going to say the same thing, except I don’t have a dutch oven. I also have a nice collection of carbon steel knives inherited from my late father in law and a Donvier. I’ll add my Mouli rotary food grater and my copper Revere ware.


I only acquired a Mouli rotary food grater a month or so ago at an estate sale. Decided that at $3, still in original box, I’d give one a try. (But haven’t, yet.)


Analon chef’s pan. I could get by with this one pan, if I had to. You can make anything in it.


A Fire King glass 4 quart mixing bowl in jadeite color that I found at a garage sale for $1.00 about 10 years ago.


I’ve always wanted one of those!!!

I use mine a lot, probably purchased in the early eighties, maybe late seventies.

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Hi, Tim:

Heavy tinned copper, esp. sautes, ovens, roasters and gratins)
Sunbeam T-22 toaster
Matfer Chinoise
Copper beating bowls
Hamilton Beach dishers
Bamix stick blender
Old Henckels knives
Apilco covered oval roasters
Pressure fryer/cooker

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LOL over your line 2: Sunbeam T-22 toaster.

I moved my mother’s mid-Century Sunbeam toaster to the country. D-i-l and I were talking while she was making toast. She absently dropped in the bread while talking and abruptly stopped mid-phrase. “What just happened? What happened to my bread?” She could not believe what she had just not seen.

Like a few of us, 70+ and going strong.


That video is amazing.

So is that grand old toaster!

We have a large Guardian Service aluminum dutch oven (I think) that was my mother-in-law’s and was made in the 1950s. My wife uses it to make chicken soup and yams (for Thanksgiving). Otherwise it just sits in the cupboard over our ovens. Not sure why but I don’t think it conducts heat as well as our Le Cruesets.

It’s better at conduction than cast iron. Not even close. Those Guardian pieces are great. Don’t let the styling throw you off. The 3-segment inserts are classics.

It looks like it should be carried by a knight in armor.

After I watched it, I went and looked at the vintage Toastmaster I got at a vintage shop last month to see if I could figure out what year it is.

Those are a bunch of classics. I loved the Henckels carbon steel with wooden handles.

These are my old keepers:

Pourable 1950’s Pyrex bowls
Metal mixing bowl
Whisks - Sauce and Balloon
Heavy fork for whisking eggs
Soft boiled egg cutter
Food mill
Box grater
Immersion blender
Glass 2, 4, 8 measuring cups
Stock pot
12" fry pan
Braiser pot
1/2 and 1/4 Sheet pans
CorningWare with lids
Deep dish lasagna pan
9"×13" Pyrex
Meatloaf/bread pan
Sharp Chef knife and paring knife
French rolling pin
Offset spatula
Slotted spatula
Wooden spoon
Hand mixer or KA stand mixer
Can opener
Regular and serrated peelers
Wooden and plastic cutting boards
Thermometers meat and candy


Nice list! Any secrets to getting a 9"×13" Pyrex to ahem…look like new?

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