Old keepers

This is a thread for those of us who have been picking up cookware, etc. for awhile, maybe a way for newer cooks to acquire a little wisdom without having to spend as much on mistakes.

What are some items you bought long ago, use regularly, and would never consider selling? Mine include:

Old carbon steel Sabatiers
Carbon steel skillets
Heavy tinned copper
A heavy bare aluminum saucepan (wish I had bought more)
Heavy steel not nonstick loaf pans and sheet pans
Best whisks
Pillivuyt baking dishes
A tinned Charlotte mold, used mainly for soufflés


Seki Magoroku nakiri knife

Sir Lawrence butcher knife

pancake turner

aluminum mixing bowl


Most of my kitchen knives (a few I bought for fun I may sell, but probably no one wants anyway)
Hand hammered carbon steel wok
Some of my clay cookware (donabe and sand clay).
A Debuyer carbon steel fry


I got tripped up by “long ago”. And spelling

Anyway a very large Calphalon1 anodized aluminum skillet

KitchenAid mixer

The larger of two Debyeyer (?) carbon steel pans

Santuku (?) Knife

A sort of rubbery cutting pad

A stick blender

Steel wok


Kitchen items I’ve had the longest:

Carbon steel flat bottom wok
10" cast iron skillet
Set of stainless steel mixing bowls with rings on the outside to hold onto
5 assorted-sized corning ware casserole dishes with lids - I probably use these more than anything else for storing and reheating leftovers - I’ve had to replace lids a few times from eBay
A wooden mallet
LeCreuset dutch oven (Flame)


Are you kidding? Have you hacked my computer and copied my list?

Adding My mother’s Wagner Dutch oven, circa 1930, now my bread baker
6" carbon steel chef’s knife. Husband calls it “the knive”, as in where is the knife?
Several Donvier ice cream makers; 2 inserts live in the freezer should needs must arise.


I’m circa 1952 and have a birthday this month with a big “0” in it!!

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Club aluminum set from 1989 I got for a wedding present. Just used the large pot to make mashed potatoes in.


That stuff is so fine.

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I only have one piece of Corning Ware, but I love it.


Oh ffs, I was going to say the same thing, except I don’t have a dutch oven. I also have a nice collection of carbon steel knives inherited from my late father in law and a Donvier. I’ll add my Mouli rotary food grater and my copper Revere ware.


I only acquired a Mouli rotary food grater a month or so ago at an estate sale. Decided that at $3, still in original box, I’d give one a try. (But haven’t, yet.)


Analon chef’s pan. I could get by with this one pan, if I had to. You can make anything in it.


A Fire King glass 4 quart mixing bowl in jadeite color that I found at a garage sale for $1.00 about 10 years ago.


I’ve always wanted one of those!!!

I use mine a lot, probably purchased in the early eighties, maybe late seventies.

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Hi, Tim:

Heavy tinned copper, esp. sautes, ovens, roasters and gratins)
Sunbeam T-22 toaster
Matfer Chinoise
Copper beating bowls
Hamilton Beach dishers
Bamix stick blender
Old Henckels knives
Apilco covered oval roasters
Pressure fryer/cooker

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LOL over your line 2: Sunbeam T-22 toaster.

I moved my mother’s mid-Century Sunbeam toaster to the country. D-i-l and I were talking while she was making toast. She absently dropped in the bread while talking and abruptly stopped mid-phrase. “What just happened? What happened to my bread?” She could not believe what she had just not seen.

Like a few of us, 70+ and going strong.


That video is amazing.

So is that grand old toaster!