Oktoberfest in nj. Where are headed and what are you eating?

Tis the season folks…it is almost that time. So do you have any plans or dishes you’re going to cook/eat?

Some NJ festivals here https://www.funtober.com/oktoberfest/newjersey/

Not sure you’ll find me there, but the AP Biergarten has a huge Oktoberfest each year…they kicked it off this weekend, but here are the details for the big event on 9/29:


That place is good to party at, but for food and a dining experience, it isn’t for me. I’ve had a few fun afternoons drinking there but the service is god awful. In fact, I don’t know if I can think of a place with shittier service.

I will definitely hit up sitting duck /PH. They have some German specials all month and they are honestly decent for like 19 bucks.

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I didn’t see Mountain Creek on the list … It’s quite the scene and ridiculously popular
I have seen posts from people in my neighborhood offering to be designated drivers for $$$ I don’t think we have uber here.
Passed by on the way home yesterday just as things were getting started … I snapped a couple of shitty pics, because unfortunately I was traveling in the wrong direction. Missed all the great shots of the revelers (seriously inebriated) walking with beer steins in hand … Definitely road trip worthy, there is so much to do in this area in the Fall. Two separate links below, if interested check both out.


The annual Octoberfest open to the general public is great food and fun. Plenty of parking.

Oktoberfest starts today in highlands if anyone is looking for something to do.

Went to Sitting Duck for Oktoberfest specials. As usual, the portions were hefty. I ordered the Veal Schnitzel, potato pancake, red cabbage and daughter had the smoked pork chops. The cutlet was very tender and lightly fried. My only criticism is that I should have ordered it without gravy. I prefer the meat dryer with just a sprinkle lemon juice. The smoked pork chops were very good tasting more like a ham texture. Our biggest complaint was the red cabbage. It was so sweet and gooey that I can’t imagine that it is normally served this way. It should have been more sour than sweet, in my opinion. The potato pancakes and beers were top notch.

Good stuff! I’m going to get there one of these nights.

So I went to oktoberfest in highlands and felt like getting some German food. I only had a pretzel and 2 beers there so we walked down to bahrs. It was railed…about a 20 minute wait which wasn’t to bad. Every table and bar seat were filled.

We got some buffalo clams to start and my sauerbraten was decent. You could save 6 bucks or so per plate and get over to sitting duck, but this place has the decor and ambiance factor over SD/PH.

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Ps…I think the Sitting Duck oktoberfest dishes come with soup and salad but maybe Joe can confirm. If so, your dollar will definitely go further at Sd/PH. Bahrs German dinners did not come with a soup or salad.

I have to say German food doesn’t photograph too well, but it is some tasty rib sticking stuff!

Yup, Manhattan clam chowder and shrimp & chopped eggs salad are included. All this food, there’s never room for dessert:yum:

Where is a place that serves schweinshaxe (pork hocks)? I used to get them in NYC at Ideal Restaurant a dumpy little lunch counter place in Yorkville section (Germantown). Great food at reasonable prices but sadly long gone. Haven’t been to that neighborhood in years. I think the one remaining iconic food stop is Papaya King on 86 & 3rd.

My house. This is what my German grandmother would have called Hunter’s Schnitzel. I had to have a piece before the roasted baby potatoes are done.


Nice Dave! Isn’t the hunter version normally with a mushroom sauce? What kind of mushrooms do you use (if any)

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Exactly CJ, it is mostly powdered mushrooms and cream. If I would’ve gotten my lazy butt to Restaurant Depot Id’ve added morels. Nana used to keep a huge bag of dried shrooms but I find it easier to keep and use the powdered ones.

Ah I see. Did you cook some sides?

Roasted some baby potatoes and veggies like grandma used to. She rarely made spaetzle.

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If you’re into hockey and not ready to schlep to Munich:


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Go (Kitchener) Rangers!

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