Oktoberfest in nj. Where are headed and what are you eating?

(John) #21

Mustard, Rotkohl & kraut production is in high gear this month. We’ve already sold close to a hundred pounds of kraut & it’s only the 9th. I need a better recipe for beer mustard though…

Rotkohl (red cabbage) is supposed to be sort of sweet & sour. We make it with brown sugar & vinegar & a bunch of spices. The brine has peppercorns in it so that helps keep it sharp. Shouldn’t be gooey though…

(Junior) #22

Some home cooked Octoberfest:

Chicken schnitzel - red cabbage - brat

I forget how much I like red cabbage! Washed down with a great German Vodka. (Ok Russian)


Brilliant minds think alike! Some boneless buffalo chicken as a starter and some pork…


Last night two friends and I headed to Sebastian’s Schnitzelhaus in Wrightstown. The place is very clean and German kitschy. Lots of stuff everywhere, with German music playing in the background. You can even buy some German food, and goodies by the register to take home with you on the way out.

We started with the potato pancakes and pierogies as appetizers. The potato pancakes were very good, and came with applesauce and sour cream. The applesauce wasn’t the usual pureed mixture we are used to in the US, it had some texture to it and wasn’t overly sweet. It was a nice accompanyment. However, the pierogies were the star appetizer. They were listed as cheddar cheese, topped with sauteed onions, and of course sour cream on the side. Really delicious! This was my first time trying them and I loved, as did everyone else.

My dining companions had the hungarian goulash. Both of them really liked it, so much so that they ate every drop.

I had the Wiener schnitzel. It was two large pieces, nicely breaded and fried, with lemon wedges on the side. It was moist inside, and very tasty. I also had the red cabbage which was enjoyable. My other side was mashed potatoes and gravy. The potatoes were good, but the brown gravy was just that, brown gravy and not that tasty.

One person had the roulade, which she loved. She got two big rolls, and had to take one home. Her side was spaetzle, which she also enjoyed. My other friend got the Schweinebraten, which she enjoyed. The pork was great, but it was smothered in the brown gravy, which she also didn’t really like.

Finally for dessert we had some kind of puff pastry with strawberries and creme fraisch, and sprinkled with powdered suger. Even though we were full, we ordered it and managed to finish every last bite.

Surprisingly, even though it is October, the restaurant wasn’t full. We were only one of five tables for the evening. We had an enjoyable time, and will be back.