Okay this isnt funny anymore

So last night, manchild reheated his Chinese takeaway in the microwave. I pulled mine out of the fridge and put it in the MW and…nothin.

Deader than a doornail. No exhaust fan, no light, no beeping.

Unplugged it and plugged it back in.
Went out to the garage and reset the breaker (all the breakers have finally been labeled…correctly. that was a big accomplishment too).

No dice. Chef Mike is no more.

My theory is that he was in a relationship with the old fridge and died of a broken heart :broken_heart: when she left. My mom has always maintained that appliances talk to each other.

So back to the appliance store…new one arrives Tuesday. Its a Frigidaire Gallery as it then can plug and play for the old one (and with a 400cfm fan should be no issues with ventilation!)

sigh im apparently personally supporting the local economy!


I’ve heard “bad stuff” happens in three(s)…
It might be time to start researching new dishwashers??


I feel your pain. During Covid, since 2000, we have had to replace a stacked washer-dryer, a dishwasher, and a gas range. All were 20+ years old. Our counter-top microwave from 1991 is showing signs of age - the digital displays are no longer visible but it keeps chugging along. We have other timers and clocks. This appliance is going to be the most difficult one to replace, because where we have it is the only place we can have it. Bigger is not better.


My “new” (summer 2019) hood/microwave died by Dec 2019. Guy came out (warranty) ordered a new part, came back with the new part 3 weeks later (a circuit board) installed it … and it was dead. Ordered another replacement for the replacement, so we were right up to pandemic mode when the replacement finally worked. Had to replace a 2019 fridge this year, after 2 warranty repairs. I feel your pain. I hope they haven’t been talking to my dishwasher …we are powerless against our appliance overlords.


I have a older Kenmore fridge side by side that came with the house . This summer it was not working properly. Just kind of warm . Vacuumed underneath including the coils .
Yay it works.
So it got warm again . Darn it . I was given a fridge not sure of the brand . Freezer on top . Put it out in the garage . This fridge works beautiful.
Took everything out of the one in the house. And put the food in the one in the garage.
So the Kenmore got mad and started working again .
Fridge wars .


Thr DW is a Bosch, so Im throwing shade at the stove.


And likely the global economy too, depending on where all the appliances and components are made.


Might’ve been a murder-suicide.


That’s just nuts!

I am currently on only my second ever microwave, bought a couple of years back. I’m not sure I remember exactly when we bought the original but it was at least 25 years back. Funny the things that you remember but I do recall Mrs H’s sister and her Spanish husband were staying with us on a trip from Spain - so probably around this time of year. I’ve a clear recollection of him and me trying to work out what to do with it.

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Y’know, my twisted little heart likes this even better!

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Something similar happened to mine last week, which was an over-the-range model. So off to the hardware store to get new fuses. Got a new one in, pushed the button, and new fuse immediately popped, so it must have been a short somewhere in the innards. No way I’m fooling with that, so off to Lowes to get a replacement. Had stepson visiting and he’s good with such installation jobs and get the new one in (not easy for OTR models). Finally got it working and so far so good.

Mines supposed to be here tomorrow. Its interesting though. …I’d forgotten what its like to warm up leftovers on the stove!

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Sorry it happened, and sorry that I just saw this. When a microwave suddenly goes completely dead stick (as in, even display is dark), it’s often a $10 fuse located behind the display panel. Usually near the bottom, but sometimes up above that panel.

In the models I’ve had so far (GE Profile and then a Samsung) it’s been pretty easy to get that panel off and replace the fuse.

Here’s a generic example below just to give you a notion of the work involved. If interested in checking if it’s just that panel fuse, you might want to google your specific model to learn where it is on yours, and also whether unplugging is sufficient or if there’s a capacitor you need to discharge.

Of course, if the current/dead one had a good, long life and you just want a new one no matter what, ignore the above. :slight_smile:

Oh, but P.S., there are some really fun magnets in microwaves, so they’re fun to take apart no matter what.


Good advice. Hard to attach to the MW like other things we use to make food; so I think people look forward to chucking them for the later model.

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Biggest issue is that…like the late fridge…its 10 years old. I wish thiswerent true, but I doubt it will last much longwr anyway (and the new one is already scheduled for install tomorrow)

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Yeah agree that 10 years is a pretty decent run. After I posted my comment above, running about to do my evening grocery shopping, I started figuring in my head my average microwave life over the last ~ 30 years plus/minus. Came out at 9.5 years. One several years less (even after replacing that fuse at 5 years) and the other two a bit more. Number 2 also required the fuse replacement. Number 3 (current one) hasn’t (yet) needed a fuse.

Current guy (LG) is at 10 years and I’m dreading when it really dies, because it’s a built-in, from when we did the kitchen renovation. And it’s a huge monster and I love it lots because I can get a whole 20# ham in there if I want (20 minutes on power level 1 is great!).

Please send prayer to The Microwave Goddess that it keeps going for another X years!


Congrats on your new guy!


I’ve replaced my over the range microwave three times in 30 years. The cabinet above basically doesn’t have a floor anymore because of all the holes that had to be drilled. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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It’s what I do all the time.
I gave up on microwaves a long time ago

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I do at my jail job. All I have in my office as one little coffee pot with hot plat. I use a stainless camping cup to warm up stews, soups and the like. Heat up sandwiches in foil, etc. I can’t leave for 12 hours, so I like some warm food.