“ OH BOMBAY, 16 Vogell Road, Richmond Hill “ - A welcoming ‘Indian Cuisine‘ addition to the Richmond Hill culinary landscape!

As someone who has spent over a decade studying and working in London, UK. I have developed a palate and fondness for Indian cuisine. As well, during this period, I have honed my skill and ability in differentiating between good versus mediocre, run-of-the mill Indian fare.

Whilst trying out a new Vietnamese restaurant in the neighborhood a couple of days ago, I was ecstatic to notice this new Indian restaurant next door to it. Highlighting their specialty and forte in offering my favorite style of Indian cuisine - ‘Northern Indian based on traditional recipes of the Maharajas kitchen‘, on their website, I was instantly hooked and immediately put this place on my radar screen!

This evening, for my preliminary baptism in trying out this place, I opted for the following ‘take-out’ dishes:

  • Rogan Josh Lamb Curry ( Lamb cooked in whole Indian spices
    with ginger,
    garlic and onions )
  • Bhuna Gosht Lamb Curry ( Boneless lamb first roasted bone-on
    with dry Indian spices served in a thick gravy )
  • Eggplant Bhartha ( Roasted eggplant cooked with onions,
    tomatoes, green peas and spices )

Overall, the taste profile was good, fairly complex and inviting. Spice level of the dishes was well adjusted for the normal palate. My favorite was the delightful Bhuna Gosht, cooked from scratch and without the use of generic mother sauce. The meat, tender with some nice chewy, gelatinous tendons attached.

On balance, I would say the food is appealing, delicious and well made, though it fell short of my ‘UK Indian Curry Standard‘ and sadly, not nearly enough to wow or blow me away. Price point was competitive and reasonable ( compared to say Bombay Bhel or Chauhan’s ), which, for a new business, is a plus.

Anyway, for me, the search for ‘ the best ‘ curries continues!!

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