Ode to a Reuben...

Oh, how I love thee! I have found my personal favorite Reuben Sandwich at a vintage Irish spot in White Plains called Dunne’s Pub, off Mamaroneck Ave on Sapham St. I try to indulge once a week if possible, especially tied in with their live Irish music sessions on Wednesday nights. Sometimes I order it with house fries, sometimes I prefer vegetables and mashed, but the sandwich itself is really good.
Any other places offer a delicious Reuben?

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Then there’s the Rachel, using pastrami and cole slaw; and the old Mother in-law sandwich of cold shoulder and tongue . . . rim shot . . .


Although I love a basic pastrami and Swiss the addition of cole slaw takes it in a new direction. Attributes dependent on the user but I love it

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Where have you had a good Reuben in West/Fair?

I can chime in for Fairfield CTY. Since we do not have any good delis serving CB or Pastrami, you have no ingredients to make a good one.

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I found another fine version served at McShane’s Publick House in Port Chester. They put a signature touch to it that is delightful. Now with St. Patrick’s Day coming up, on a Friday this year, I can indulge in both. Any other spots for this favorite?

What’s the “signature touch?”

It is revealed on their menu, but Edmund, one of the owners said they use pickled cabbage, a stout mustard and Gruyere cheese in the prep…it works, it is really tasty!

Well, they’re supposed to have sauerkraut unless you’re saying that the “pickled cabbage” is something more exotic like kimchi. The Gruyere is basically identifying a specific Swiss cheese, which a proper Reuben should also have. The mustard throws me. Is there no Thousand Island dressing, or as they may say, “tomato aioli with diced marinated heirloom cucumbers?” 'Cause if there ain’t TI dressing, it ain’t a Reuben.

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I mentioned it was their take on the classic. And it was good…

I am laughing at the pretension … last I was there it had the look and feel of an old man bar

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So it didn’t have Thousand Island or Russian dressing? It was pastrami/corned beef and Swiss on rye with mustard and sauerkraut? If so, it isn’t a Reuben. It’s like a take on spaghetti Bolognese made with Alfredo sauce. I’m sure it was tasty, but they should call it what it is. I know if we ordered something called a Reuben and that came out, it would have been sent back.

Exactly right, chowdom. Apparently, that’s the way they planned it. But the menu does not stick to the usual Irish mold…
What pretension are you referring to?

It’s okay, Homestyle. I’ll have another one for you…

Have you had a traditional Reuben? It is an American sandwich, not an Irish one, and the unctuous nature of the dressing with the salty meat and sour cabbage is what makes it special.

Edit: Aha, now I see where they got their recipe:

Thanks for the info. I am totally aware of it, and I am referring to the tavern mode…

" The Full Monty"

I’m not sure what you mean by “tavern mode” unless you are referring to a place that doesn’t have the kitchen facilities a restaurant would. They certainly don’t need much more than a fridge to be able to apply a mix of ketchup and mayo to a sandwich for an order.

In terms of Irish pubs in Westchester, it is hard to go wrong with Rory Dolan’s, where at lunch they will serve you a proper Reuben with fries (or mashed potatoes, mashed turnips, basmati rice, or steamed veg) and a basket of (usually) warm mini-Irish soda breads for $9.95.


Nothing wrong with Rory’s…