Ode to a Reuben...

Still not sure what you meant, chowdom…

That’s okay … It’s a dingy, unattractive, old man pub with barely mediocre food.
If I went there on the recommendation of this thread I would be really pissed at you
“Edmund” “signature touches” pretension !!!

LOL this is not how I expected this thread to turn out.

chowdom, I enjoyed it, and ‘signature touches’ are my words, not Edmund’s. And they do pour a good pint of Guinness to wash it all down.
Calm down, please. No one is forcing you…

GR I owe you an apology … I thought you were still writing about Dunne’s Pub.
My fault for not really paying attention to what you write … Thank you for the directive
Done now …

It is ok…keep on posting!

Once again … thank you for the directive

Found another Reuben worthy of attention. A friend and I were having a few at The Quarry in Tuckahoe and we noticed Corned Beef Reuben Sliders on the specials menu. We ordered and enjoyed these mouthfuls…part of their St. Patrick’s Day offerings.

Still seeking indulgences during my birthday/Father’s Day week. Last night I took a friend back to Dunne’s Pub for their terrific Wednesday Irish music jam and a Corned Beef Reuben Sandwich. I have been enjoying them here for years. My partner had one of her favorites: Salmon Crisp, salmon filet, spinach and crusted mashed potato topping. Combined with a few pints of Guinness and the surrounding Blarney, it made for a fun evening.

Whoever wrote the blurb didn’t read the recipe. The actual recipe in that link has Thousand Island Dressing, not mustard.

Don’t know if its good or not,but Rye Ridge Deli offers an open faced Reuben, and I’m sure it would be fairly traditional- I’m sure you can get it with corned beef or pastrami. The few remaining “traditional” delis would probably offer it-- Langes. I think some diners might also

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You mean whoever corrected the Betty Crocker Reuben recipe within the last 6 months forgot to change the description at the top of the article. When this was posted, there was no Thousand Island dressing on the ingredient list.

Taken directly from the above-mentioned link:
“Make a classic sandwich for dinner - corned beef, melty Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and mustard on rye.”

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So here are some pics of the food at Dunnes:

If the ruebens there are anything like those potato skins I would say ode-eous is the right label for them.

That’s Irish food that a potato famine victim would have to think long and hard about before trying.

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They should ban food photos there for their own good.

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Some people take really good ones. I am not one of them. But I don’t think this food would look good no matter what!


Gwenn- glad to see I’m not the only one.Thinking back to (high school (long time ago) cafeteria meals,this looks like some of the ones that i would dump immediately. But then i never was a fan of corned beef and cabbage.

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I was going to say that the food looked institutional, but more like retirement home cuisine.

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Neither am I. But I do love a good corned beef on rye!

Sorry, which photo was that?

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold