[Oakland, Chinatown] Ming Tasty

I haven’t seen any mention of Oakland Chinatown’s Ming Tasty, so I’m adding. Dim sum all day from open to close, and its all they serve… no lunch plate specials or dinner menu. Got the basic dim sum items, not fancy. Their noh mai gai (chinese chicken tamale) actually has some ingredients other than sticky rice w/ congealed sauce which is better than most economical dim sum spots these days.


Thanks for the report on Ming Tasty on the corner of Webster and 10th Street. For decades that spot was Fortune Restaurant that appeared almost empty every time that I walked by. By contrast, Ming Tasty looks very popular and I wondered why. Prices on the menu posted on the front windows looked reasonable and maybe they picked up some customers when Cinnamon Tree/Legendary Palace closed or just offer better value than Peony.

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