NYC Omakase? Jado? Sushi Inoue? Other?

All, heading back to NY. We used to visit, on a regular rotation, Sushi Yasuda (including waaaay back when Yasuda was there), 15 East, and, as our “something different” Sushi of Gari.

What’s your current favorite for omakase? Ambiance not at all a priority, but great sushi with a wide variety of fish is really what we’re aiming for. Thanks!

Oh no, no one has replied to you…!
I am not an expert, but an idea of budget is really important, omakase can go from under $100 to $300+ very quickly…
These previous threads from CH should be helpful, there are some serious sushi experts weighing in here on lower priced omakase

And this even longer thread - note that “sushiman” has valuable input and extensive experience with nyc omakase

Thanks much. Yeah, I’ve seen those threads even though I’m still avoiding Chowhound as much as possible! We ended up making reservations at Inoue and really looking forward to it.

There is also an old thread here about omakase:

Please let us know how you like Inoue!

Fantastic…! You know Inoue is actually right in my neighborhood…! Haha. The local “buzz” is that it’s fabulous, i have yet to visit myself though.
You will be right by the red rooster which is fun for a deink at thebar before or after dinner (i go there for a drink now and then, not such a fan of the food)

Not sure if this is of any help, as you may have already come and gone, but I’m DYING to go to this place: