NYC Group Dinner -- Thurs 10/13

Paging everyone from NYC and nearby for our next HO Group Dinner.

Next Thursday 10/13 7:30 or 8pm.

If you’d like to join, chime in!

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Jim and I say yes!

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Wow. I have the most amazing tool to predict when a HO NYC dinner is going to happen. Schedule a client dinner out of town. Same date will be the next get together. Will miss the 13th as I will be in DC with a customer I have not seen in 3 years.

A week later and I could have joined! :frowning:

In. And don’t worry, unavailable people. I think there will be more dinnera, unless we run out of restaurants.

Save some for when I return from Paris in a little over 2 weeks.

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This is a real risk. Lol.

Interested. Which restaurant?

@rmis32 Either Monsieur Vo or LumLum depending on the final number (former has more large-format mains).

Please confirm ASAP so I can adjust the reservation - thanks!

a week earlier and you could have joined :joy:

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i’m a definite, my wife is coaching in westchester and thinks she can make it by 8 but it’s a little out of her control should the other team show up late, her bus driver shows up late or a million other things that could go wrong. she won’t know for sure until the match ends.

she completely understands if the uncertainty is too hard to deal with in terms of a reservation in which case she’ll join us next time.


OK folks, we are up to 8 now so we are maxed out.

See you at the next one!

Please add me, if it’s not too late for you to do so

@rmis32 i hope you saw that you are included in tomorrows dinner!

Look forward to seeing you.

recent eater article on nyc steakhouses mentions lumlum:
“Crying tiger is the poetic name for a nicely marbled ribeye that arrives cooked medium rare and served with an egg yolk on a bed of fried shallots at LumLum in Hell’s Kitchen”


7:45, right?

Right. I’ll try to get there a little earlier to motivate them to get a table ready, but whoever gets there first can do that.

Okay! I’m leaving the house at 6:45, so I should be there by 7:30? If all goes well.

unfortunately my wife won’t be able to join us tonight, the rain played havoc with her match.

We ate well at LumLum.