NY/CT/LI Restaurant News, Openings and Closings - SPRING AND SUMMER EDITION

We drove past Spark Valley Steakhouse the other day but didn’t stop in - the restaurant is attractive enough from the outside, although oddly situated without a lot of landscaping. I also checked the menu online - very standard steakhouse fare, although I was annoyed that there were no prices listed.

We drove passed it too. I did see good reviews on open table, but I take that with a grain of salt.

Can’ wait to hear!!!

Trattoria 141, billing itself as a ‘modern Italian’ restaurant, has moved into the space that for a short time housed David King, on Chatsworth Ave., Larchmont near the train station. The people behind Trattoria 141 had previously operated as Il Sogno on Boston Post Road, Port Chester. That site has been vacated.

They don’t have the prices posted because they’ve VERY high (that sort of thing really annoys me). Think high-end steakhouse prices (maybe not Manhattan but it seemed as his as anything I’ve seen in Westchester.

Thanks. Have you tried it? Are the steaks good?

The owner of this new Banh Mi restaurant on Garth Rd in Scarsdale posted on Chowhound that he expects to open in Nov/Dec.

Pizza Cucina has started serving an expanded menu (a la Ernesto’s) in the evenings, with one of their former waiters on staff.

It looks like it will be one of those trendy, modern style, banh mi places. Gag.
So far I haven’t had a decent, tasty, modern style banh mi, anywhere. I like the more traditional types.

Good to know. Have you tried it? I have had good pizza there in the past. By the way, I have heard that the former Ernesto’s down the street is close to being sold.

We were in there for something other than a full meal, were surprised to see the familiar waiter, who told us the expanded menu had been in place just three days. So can’t comment on the quality vs Ernesto’s – and, of course, the atmosphere is quite different. But it did strike us as a nice development.

I have not tried it and I have no intentions of doing so.

On the bright side, if you go and are a BJ’s member, they just opened a gas station across the street, so you can save on gas. Sort of our consolation prize for Costco backing out of their plans to open a club here.

LOL - I got gas there last week when I went to BJ’s. At that time, half of the pumps did not work - you’d find out when you got there. But it was cheaper. Small consolation! I want Costco!

Guess I was off, they opened last night:
Lohud articlehttp://www.lohud.com/story/life/food/2017/09/14/exclusive-fortina-yonkers-opens/661657001/

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LOL, I just posted this on the Taco Project thread. Great minds!

I saw a line when I was going to get gas a couple of weeks ago and didn’t wait. I attributed it to people waiting for a pump on the “right” side of the car rather than stretching the hose over like you’re supposed to. Sadly they don’t seem to be that cheap, maybe a couple of cents cheaper than I can get elsewhere in the area. The Brookfield location is cheaper.

I want Costco too, but we’re not getting it, at least not in Yorktown.

Thanks for the rec! Stopped in yesterday and really enjoyed the lomo saltado. The pollado de huancaina (fried chicken with traditional sauce over rice) looked great but the lomo was too good to pass up. Looking forward to ordering the rotisserie chicken to bring home the the family. Service was as sweet as can be.

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So who’s going to be the first to try Fortina Yonkers?? :slight_smile:

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