NY/CT/LI Restaurant News, Openings and Closings - SPRING AND SUMMER EDITION

One of the ideas that came about during our HO-down on Saturday was to create ONE thread for openings and closings. Please use this thread to post all openings and closings in the NY/CT area.


This was a good, if pricey, Greek restaurant on Main St. in Eastchester that opened just over a year ago. It has been up for sale. Now the phone message states they are closed.

The Peppered Pickle, a cozy shop serving what they call ‘classic American fare’, has opened on Main Street in Tuckahoe right next to The Quarry. They serve breakfast, lunch and early dinner and offer a menu that ranges from egg sandwiches to ‘Fat Bastard’ Burger. Prices are reasonable: $2.25 to $10.95. Limited seating, some outdoor tables. Mostly take-out & delivery…

Have you been there?

Hi Gwenn, yes I did. Was having a beer and snacks at The Quarry next door and took a look inside. Colorful signage, too.

I meant have you eaten there and recommend?

No, not yet…just noticed it.

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Touch of Class Caribbean Fusion cuisine is a new place in Peetskill, joining G&H.

Corner Deli in Trumbull CT is under new ownership.

Indian Curry Kitchen in Valley Cottage, NY is open.


Thanks you!!!

Thanks @thefoodmaverick! I wasn’t familiar with Valley Cottage so I just googled it - turns out I drive by there all the time on the way to the mall in Nyack. Will have to check out the Indian Curry Kitchen - we haven’t found a local Indian favorite yet.

I got an email from a place called Red Zebra in Sleepy Hollow. I couldn’t figure out why I got it until my mom told me they are related to Sweetgrass Grill and Tomatillo, both of which I really like, so I must be on their email list. It looks like it’s Italian food. I will be giving this a try in the near future. Has anyone else checked it out yet?


Ooh, grilled pizza!

The menu is really appealing. Tomatillo and Sweetgrass always have great local produce and meat in their dishes and I’m assuming this place is no different! Edited to add- I’ve got my eye on the pappardelle with braised oxtail and poached egg!!

We’ve eaten at Sweetgrass a couple of times before a show at the music hall. They were packed and out of a lot of items. It was so crowded - I had loTS of butts in my face as people came and went!!

For all of you shoppers out there, The Westchester is set to open a food court that totally looks a cut above. No Nathan’s here - although I do like those fries?

So just out of curiosity have you been there yet?

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