Nu Wave Induction Wok

I just bought a Nu Wave Induction Wok because I wanted to see how well it worked as wok and how adaptable it was to Indian Cooking. Does anyone have any ideas?

Which wattage did you get?
I will be interested to here how it performs.

My experience with 120V electric woks is that they can’t maintain their heat after a reasonable amount of ingredients are added (especially cold ones). You’re much better off with stovetop cast iron pans as they are much better at retaining heat.

With that said… I have little to no experience with Indian dishes, and what kind of heat you need (high sustained or quickly responsive). High sustained is really not an option here, and quickly responsive will require occasionally removing the pan from the heating element as electric is not very responsive.

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A large majority of 1- and 2-star reviews on Amazon are along these lines. Even some of those fairly happy (4-star) say it’s hard to keep it hot enough unless only cooking a smaller 1-serving meal. They could get the oil smoking hot but as soon as they tossed in meat or veggies the temp would drop to the point where the food would steam rather than fry.