Now You Need "Downsized" Cookware?

Here’s a novel approach:

As if an 8" skillet and 1.75Q saucepan are diminutive…


I do think a pan and a pot is sufficient for 80% of home cooking – certainly that was probably most of us in our college days.
Now, what about the Always Pan and Perfect Pot? :slight_smile:

I don’t get it. They say “(Caraway) wants to help outfit tiny kitchens everywhere with size-appropriate cookware.”

I have three 8" skillets (1 non-stick, 2 stainless steel), and three Farberware Classic Stainless steel saucepans (two 1-qt. and one 2-quart). ALL (or similar) can be bought at places like Home Goods, Target, Macy’s, Amazon, etc. For a lot less than $85 for a “mini fry pan”.

So what’s the catch - is it that they work on induction tops as well as electric and gas?

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Neither did I. There are plenty of 8" skillets and 1.5-2Q saucepans available, even for induction.

“Even collects rainwater!!!”


I had one 8" non-stick skillet that I never used. I donated it back to Goodwill.
Presently, I find myself reaching for my new 10" Victoria Cast Iron skillet most of the time. I’m really liking that skillet!
If I did want a 8" cast iron, I can order one off of ebay for $15 (shipped to my home) which can do everything that $85 pan can do and more.
Sounds like Caraway is trying to fill a niche market that doesn’t really exist.


As frying or sauté pans go, 24cm is about right for two people. I think a 2 liter saucepan gets more use for the two of us than all other saucepans put together. If I ever need to downsize, I’ll just keep the 24cm sauté and the 2l. saucepan and maybe a 6 liter casserole.


Well I did listen to JustCharlie, when he 3-4 years ago on another forum mentioned how home cooks don’t use the proper size pans for what they make and for how many persons they cook for.

I now own 6 x 24 cm frying pans, a 22 cm frying pan and 2 x 20 cm frying pans.
I do use them quite often - but mostly for very specific tasks.

For instance my 22 cm matfer Bourgeat carbon steel pan I mostly use for 1-2 fried eggs and for when I need to roasts nuts and heat up spices.

I use my 20 cm frying pans for quick wine reduction pan sauces and for when I need to sauté a small amount of vegetables/mushrooms.

But unless you’re really into cookware, like I am, I can understand why the average person don’t want to own pan sizes in the smaller sizes, even though your cooking results do improve, when you match the pan size to the amount of food you’re cooking.


I actually use my 20 cm Falk copper saute pan more often than I had imagined when I bought it. Likewise for my 22 cm Le Creuset dutch oven.


I agree! 24 cm is just right for 1 or 2; smaller is for a dorm hot plate and that’s about it. Ditto the 2 liter saucepan. I have exactly one saucepan that’s smaller and I’ve had it for at least 30 years; I don’t recall the last time I used it. If the kitchen is that small, think like a boat galley and get nesting cookware. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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